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Stargate Atlantis: Slash
Stargate Atlantis: Femslash
Stargate Atlantis: Gen
Stargate Atlantis: Het
Space Pirates 'verse
Stargate SG1: Slash
Stargate SG1: Femslash
Stargate SG1: Threesome
Stargate SG1: Gen
Stargate SG1: Het
Stargate crossovers: Slash
Shadows'verse (John Sheppard in SG1)
Return'verse (Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard)
Stargate crossovers: Femslash
Stargate crossovers: Threesome
Stargate crossovers: Gen
Stargate crossovers: Het
Dysfunction 'verse (SGA, SG1, Numb3rs)
What Happens Next 'verse (SGA, SG1)
Firefly: Femslash
Firefly: Gen
Numb3rs: Slash
Numb3rs: Gen
The West Wing: Slash
The West Wing: Femslash
The West Wing: Gen
CSI (New York, Miami, Vegas): Slash
CSI (New York, Miami, Vegas): Femslash
CSI (New York, Miami, Vegas): Gen
Miscellaneous Fandoms
Center Stage:
Criminal Minds:
Due South:
Generation Kill:
Hawaii Five-O (2010):
Imagine Me and You:
Merlin (BBC):
Star Trek 2009:
White Collar:
author gives blanket permission to record as podfic. drop us a line to let us know where!

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