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5 times Cam confused Vala completely

Fandom: Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Mild slash, G

Year/Length: 2009/ ~456 words

Pairing: John/Cam, Sam/Vala

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Author's Notes: ficlet for [info]sg1_five_things

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.



That one time with the priestess on M5T 167. Not that she wasn't very pretty (she so was. Vala would absolutely have seduced her, except that priestesses were never anything other than trouble, and not the good kind) but Vala'd seen him with John Sheppard. If she had someone who looked at her like that, she wouldn't be chasing after random priestesses.



The time she talked him into taking her out of the mountain, and he said fine but only if they went somewhere they wouldn't run into anyone and she said okay in the end because she *really* wanted to get out of the mountain. And his car broke down after half an hour on the road, and eventually Vala got bored waiting for him to fix it, poked a few things, and made it go again. If she'd been him, she'd have been *grateful* to be out with someone with such obvious skill at fixing the thing.



That one night, six months into their time stuck on the Odyssey, when he knocked on her door and didn't say anything, even after she invited him in, just sat on the end of her bed and looked down at his hands. Didn't even interrupt her when she started talking about how good Daniel looked in jeans.

Didn't stop her when she hugged him and promised that it would be okay, that they'd get home. She wasn't confused over why he wanted to be comforted – she already knew how it felt to be trapped and think you'd never get out. She just didn't understand why, of everyone on the ship, he picked her to do it.



The time she asked him what S&M stood for, and he went bright red and told her to ask Daniel. Which was patently ridiculous, since Daniel was in Atlantis then, and she could hardly ask General Landry to open an intergalactic wormhole just so she could ask Daniel a question. Sometimes she really worried about Mitchell's mental acuity.

Of course, the blushing made a little more sense after she got the answer out of Teal'c instead.



The day after Sam left for Atlantis, when he came by Vala's room with a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates and a DVD of Sleepless in Seattle, which he always refused to let them watch on team movie night, no matter how much she begged. "Miss her already?" Vala asked, and Cam frowned and said, "Thought you might."

It was sweet of him, actually, not that Vala will tell him, and she wasn't entirely surprised that he'd figured her out. She just didn't understand why he'd never *said* anything, until it was both of them suffering alone.

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