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Five people from the SGC who John would sometimes like to steal for Atlantis

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Gen, PG

Year/Length: 2009/ ~710 words

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

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1. Cam Mitchell:

And not because it'd be so much easier to be involved with the guy if they were in the same galaxy. Well, not just because of that. It's more that, even with Lorne and Teldy to up the number of officers a bit, John misses having someone else on his level who understands the concept of sacrifice for the greater good and that sometimes the best solution really is to shoot it. It's why he liked having Carter around, even if it was weird to have a CO who was in the same galaxy again.

Also, Cam gets this flushed, over-excited look every time he gets to fly something dangerous, and then he'll do anything in bed, trying to come down from it. John doesn't appreciate only getting to hear about his adventures – in flying, not in bed – from too far away to take advantage of it.


2. Carolyn Lam:

He likes Keller, he really does, and she's very good at her job, as well as being a lot less likely to start wringing her hands in anxiety than Carson was. He doesn't even resent her for taking so much of Rodney's time, so that John feels even further away from Cam than he usually does.

It's just that being treated by Keller always reminds him of the joke about policemen starting to look like children, and he's not ready to start feeling that old. Also, that he feels badly every time he has to over-ride her opinion, because he knows she won't, but she *looks like* she'll start crying as soon as he's gone.

Lam, the few times he needed treating on Earth, used to look at him like she'd have no problem putting him in restraints if he tried to cross her. It made John feel better.


3. Sergeant Cox:

Sergeant Cox doesn't even work for the SGC any more, but when she did, she was in charge of the recall of Atlantis personnel when they got let back into the city after rescuing O'Neill and Woolsey. She had an office roughly the sixe of a small broom closet, a desk with more files than it seemed possible for that space to hold, and one phone, and she'd gotten back eighty per cent of their people in a week, then sent John the neatest, most succinct summary of all the details that he'd ever seen.

He's never going to say this to Lorne, who does an amazing job of keeping the place organised, even if he does refuse every one of John's joking orders that he take over John's half of the paperwork as well, but he'd give a lot to have Cox in the city as well. He's pretty sure she could organise the Wraith right out of existence.


4. Dr Kavanagh:

Sure, he's never going to be John's favourite person – actually, he's never going to be anyone's favourite person – and he's made it perfectly clear that the last place in the universe he wants to be is Atlantis, but. He was the only person who managed to put his personal feelings aside and think about the safety of the *city* when John's team were trapped in the wormhole, that first year. Sure, John's grateful Elizabeth went ahead with saving them anyway, but he'd been kind of terrified to read the reports and discover that the safety of the city came down to Elizabeth preferring to listen to Simpson than Kavanagh.

Plus, he was one of John's people, for a while, and John's never been very good at letting go.


5. Vala:

He's not really sure why. The last thing Atlantis needs is someone else with no morals about stealing something they need – Rodney trying to steal a ZPM from a planet of children isn't even close to the worst that's happened – and he thinks Cam would probably kill him if he tried. He knows Ronon would, after Vala tried to jump him three different times (that John knows of) while SG1 were in Atlantis.

It's just that John's always had a serious level of admiration for tough women who've survived, and if he wants the best people in Atlantis, which he does, he wants people like Vala.

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