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Five people Cam wants to recruit to SG-1

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Gen, PG

Year/Length: 2009/ ~782 words

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

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John Sheppard: He could write a five page list of reasons why (though he only does it if he's very drunk and Sam's not fast enough to stop him. She always burns the evidence, which is why she's his best friend. Partly why). It'd include things like his improbably good luck with other cultures (when they don't want to kill him), his ATA gene, his command experience, how he blows off the rules without seeming to think about it. And things like how Cam still feels like a newcomer after four years with SG1, and John's the one person who might still remember how that feels. Like how he still misses being around pilots who aren't doubling up as scientists.

Like how he wishes he could keep John safe, and how John's really hot when he goes into angry-defensive mode.

It would also include, right at the end, the one reason he wants to do it but never will, which is that he can want John safe and close as much as he likes, but he'll never want John miserable.



Carolyn Lam: Partly because he now has far more experience of performing field medicine than he ever wanted. Partly because there are way too many planets where even he can tell that things would be much better if they had access to some decent medical care. Partly because nothing seems to faze her.

Partly because the one time he saw her cool-calm-and-collected crack was after the prior cured them on P8X-412. The two of them were sitting on the steps of the pyramid, looking out at the village and he looked over at her. She was smiling slightly, and when he said, "What?" she looked at him, smiled more, and said, "I'm on another planet," with exactly the same amount of amazement that he always felt when he thought about it.

It's the only time he's ever heard someone he's off-world with sound like that.



Dr Cox: Jackson had an assistant for a grand total of five weeks before she got fed up with "being treated like a freshman undergrad student who's about the flunk out of Archaeology 101," and went back to academia. Cam tried to explain that Jackson was having a bad month (it was right in the middle of when things with the Ori started going really badly) but she left anyway.

Cam still wishes he could entice her back and onto SG1, even with the screaming arguments in three different languages, and the one time she threw a book at Jackson and hit Landry by mistake. Even with knowing that her aim is so bad it'd take months to train her up to carry a weapon. He doesn't care about any of that, because she was, whatever Jackson said, good at her job, at least according to everyone else Cam spoke to, and having her around meant everything that needed doing for actual missions got done twice as fast.

Because as useful as Jackson's more esoteric stuff can turn out to be, sometimes Cam would kill for someone to sweat the small stuff while Jackson's eying the distant horizon of knowledge.



Major Lorne: He'll never do it, because John's kind of attached to the guy, and Lorne's way too protective of John for Cam to survive asking. He sometimes thinks about it anyway, especially when Sam's in Atlantis and he's lost the one person who understands the concept of chain of command. Not that he wants to order his team about (though he does sometimes fantasise about just *once* not having to debate for ten minutes before something happens), but he'll die happily if he never has to have another conversation about how they do actually have to answer to Landry at some point. He's never realised before how much Sam must have kept the other three in line.

Plus, Lorne's a good officer and a good person, and possibly even a friend, and he used to belong to the SGC. It's not fair that John gets to steal almost all the good people.



Teyla Emmagan: Even more so after he actually meets her, because she's so cool she makes Carolyn look hysterical and prone to panic. He's not entirely sure she likes him – well, no more than the fact of John liking him makes him acceptable to her – and he'd rather try to recruit Lorne than try to recruit Teyla, but if he could clone her and take one back to Earth, he'd seriously consider it.

Not least because, unlike certain archaeologists, Cam's pretty sure her diplomatic interventions don't end in bloodshed and gunfire ninety per cent of the time.

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