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5 times members of SG-1 gave each other rides

to or from work for whatever reason

Fandom: Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Slash, Gen, PG

Year/Length: 2009/ ~1500 words

Pairing: some Cam/Teal'c

Spoilers: spoilers up to SGA 501 Search and Rescue

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Author's Notes: originally written for [info]sg1_five_things

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.



Cam's not sure why he hangs around the mountain after Daniel, Sam and Teal'c leave to celebrate the election result. He doesn't want to sleep there, but he doesn't want to go home yet either. He knows it's a cliché, but he also knows he won't be able to stop himself digging out the photo albums from when he and Ferguson were serving together, remembering. He doesn't want to forget, but he doesn't have enough alcohol to face the memories yet either.

Every time he blinks, he sees Ferguson's face, blissed out on Cam's memories.

He's in his office, poking at the report for the rescue mission for Teal'c that he still hasn't finished, when someone knocks on the open door frame.

"Hey," Sam says when he looks up. She's in jeans and a pink t-shirt, jacket over her arm, smiling slightly, mildly flushed face saying she's come back for him. "Time to pack it up for the day, come on."

"I'm not good company," Cam tells her. He knows himself when he's drinking and upset, and he's not subjecting the people he cares for to it.

"I know," Sam says sympathetically. "That's why I'm taking you home." Cam shakes his head, tries to think of a good reason to say no, but Sam steps further into his office. "I've got an overnight bag in my car, and you have a guest room. We've got tomorrow off, you can make me breakfast."

Cam shakes his head again, not even sure why he's refusing when he wants to say yes, and Sam touches his arm, her fingers cool and light. He has to look down, right on the edge of tears. "You'd do it for me," she says quietly. "Let me be a friend for you for a change."

It sounds really good. Cam nods his head yes.



"You're going to make us late," Sam calls from somewhere in her apartment as Vala borrows some of the fruity smelling hand cream that Sam used the evening before. Sam has a surprisingly large number of potions and lotions in her bathroom, though Vala's not surprised to find that most of them are unopened, or barely used.

"You can tell General Landry it's entirely my fault, darling," she calls back.

"I will," Sam mutters, loudly enough for Vala to hear, but she doesn't sound really angry. Vala smiles at herself in the mirror. Girls night in may be a new thing for her – and, she thinks from the hesitant way Sam explained it, for Sam – but she thinks she could get used to it. And not just because Sam's guest bed is much more comfortable than her bed at the SGC. It's been a long time since she had a good female friend.



"Wow, I think this place is actually more of a mess than it was when I still worked here," Jack says, startling Daniel into looking up from trying to make sense of his experiences as a prior. Jack's standing in his doorway, dressed in regular clothes, and it feels both familiar and not. "I wouldn't have said that was possible."

"I don't think Mitchell knows how to keep people out of here," Daniel says mildly. Actually, he's pretty sure the team was working out of his office while he was gone, which is kind of nice, even if they have messed with his cataloguing system. It doesn't seem right to tell Jack this.

Jack nods like he's giving this serious thought. "Well, sorting it out can wait for tomorrow," he says firmly. "Come on, get your coat."

"I've got to get this report done," Daniel says. He clicks save anyway, knowing how this is going to end. Years of practise have made him good at putting off the inevitable, but not at avoiding it entirely. "Landry will –"

"Landry told me to drag you out of here by the ear if necessary," Jack interrupts. "Don't think anyone would stop me if I tried it either."

Daniel's sure they wouldn't. He's pretty sure that, even after two years, Jack could lead a mutiny against Landry with a couple of words. "That sounds painful," he says, pretending to consider, watching his computer run through the log-out procedures. "And also humiliating."

Jack gives him another serious, considering nod. "Much easier just to come. We'll go get dinner – I assume you don't have anything in your fridge."

Daniel's sure this is true, and also that the prospect of dinner not from the mess would have worked for him even if he didn't want to spend the evening with Jack. It's always a shock to realize, when he sees him, just how much he still misses having Jack around.

"Fine," he says, long-sufferingly, and grabs his jacket from the back of the door.



Cameron Mitchell is, as the Tau'ri movies say, a cuddler, or at least, this is what Teal'c surmises when he awakens to find him with his head on Teal'c's shoulder, his arm around Teal'c's waist. The day is really too warm to be so close, even this early, but Teal'c does not object. It is pleasant to be able to relax with another body against his, skin to skin.

Cameron Mitchell – Cameron now, no longer distanced by rank – wakes slowly, shifting against Teal'c and finally pushing himself up to look at Teal'c's face. When he meets Teal'c's eyes, his entire face lights up in a sweet smile which makes him look much younger. "Cool," he says. "Thought I might have been dreaming. Again."

"Indeed," Teal'c says, hiding his pleasure behind a neutral tone of voice. Although it was Cameron Mitchell who kissed him the evening before, it is nice to know that he has been wanted for as long as he has wanted, when he still finds the Tau'ri so difficult to read.

"Indeed," Cameron Mitchell repeats, grinning. He moves again, lying back against Teal'c and tilting his head to be kissed.

Teal'c is happy to oblige, even if it does mean that Cameron Mitchell is stopped by a police officer for speeding when they find themselves late for work.



Sam's almost out of the mountain when she remembers that her car is parked outside Cam's apartment block, after he agreed to look after it for her when she went to Atlantis. She hesitates, sighing. She could go back in and get a pool car, but she just wants to be away from the mountain now, to nurse her heartache somewhere Woolsey won't find her. She could call a cab, but she'll have to hang around the guard point and wait for it, and, again, she just wants to be home.

She's still trying to decide when the elevator doors open and Cam and Vala tumble out.

"Carter," Cam says. "Thought you might have gone already."

Daniel and Teal'c follow the two of them more sedately, all of them in civvies.

"You need me for something?" she asks, resigned. If she has to hang around, there's no four people she'd rather do it with.

"We do," Vala says, sliding her arm through Sam's and turning her towards the exit. "We're kidnapping you."

"Okay," Sam says slowly.

Daniel smiles patiently. "We're taking you for dinner, then to a bar."

"To get you drunk," Cam adds, which Sam thinks was pretty clearly implied.

"And then back to Colonel Mitchell's," Vala goes on. "Since he and muscles are already going there for the night."

Cam puts one hand over his eyes and groans. "Didn't we go over how you shouldn't say stuff like that around here?" he asks.

Vala, unsurprisingly, ignores him, but Sam can't help laughing. Though – Cam and Teal'c? They've been holding out on the gossip. "Where we intend to feed you popcorn and chocolate and other Earth delicacies until you're too stuffed to eat another bite, at which point we shall paint each others' toe nails and exchange gossip."

"Girls night in," Sam says, and Vala nods, looking pleased. "With these three?"

"They're honorary girls for the night," Vala says breezily.

"Just no discussing who's hot around the base," Cam puts in.

"We all know who you think is hot around the base," Vala says, giving Teal'c a slow once-over. Teal'c just raises an eyebrow.

"Okay, it is definitely time to get this show on the road," Cam says, putting a hand on Sam's back and one on Vala's and propelling them towards the exit. "Okay, baby?" he says quietly in Sam's ear.

"Yeah," she says, wondering how Cam intends to fit them all into his mustang, and realizes that, in that moment, surrounded by her friends, her family, she actually is.

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