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Bath Time

Fandom: Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Slash, PG

Year/Length: ~863 words

Pairing: Sam, Vala

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


Vala gave it to her for Christmas, the first year she was with the team, grinning unrepentantly as Teal'c turned the packaging in his hands, then opened it to investigate the contents further, making Cam blush – "Sam, darlin', I didn't need to know quite that much about you" – and Daniel tried to shake Vala down for his credit card. Sam thanked Vala, got her prize back from Teal'c, who was eying it covetously, which was more than *she* wanted to know about Teal'c, dropped it in her bedside drawer before she fell into bed that night, and mostly forgot about it.

She finds it when she's looking for the expensive bubble bath Cam gave her for her birthday, exhausted and aching and wanting a bath. It's smooth in her palm and Vala, she discovers, thoughtfully put batteries in, and anyway, it turns out the bubble bath is in the same drawer, so she takes both into the bathroom with her.

The bubbles smell of cinnamon and something else that she doesn't recognise, clinging to her skin and fizzing in her hair when she tilts her head back, wondering if she should have brought a cushion with her. It's not that uncomfortable, though, and she's actually relaxing for the first time in weeks. Getting out seems like far too much effort.

She leans over to pick up the bullet from the floor – "you like guns," Vala said, and even Sam blushed at that – and fiddles with the controller, turning it to the lowest setting and feeling the vibrations run through her hand. It's pale purple, incredibly girly, and feels more like a stress ball than a sex toy, but if anyone would know, she thinks, it would be Vala.

Sam sinks a little lower into her bath, until her toes are sticking out of the bubbles under the taps, and runs her free hand slowly over the curve of her breast and across her stomach. There's something about bubble baths that's made her think of sex since she was old enough to appreciate all the bathroom scenes on TV, and she's had plenty of partners who've been happy to oblige.

She's not thinking about old partners though, or her team, or the mission they just came back from; she's not really thinking of anything, just her own hands on her body, touching herself just the way she likes. She slides the device between her legs, pressing lightly against her clit, the vibrations just enough to feel. It's awkward for a moment, then she closes her thighs tightly to hold it in place, one hand on the controller, and the other on her breast, rolling her nipple between her thumb and forefinger, feeling it go hard under her touch, then even more when she clicks the bullet up to the next level, damp from more than the water.

She closes her eyes, just feeling, the vibrations gathering between her legs, until she wonders if she could come, just from this, but she feels weirdly empty like this, and she's used toys before, she knows how good the vibrations will feel inside. She pulls one leg up, her knee, scraped up from a fall, just lifting out of the water, and reaches down to slide the device down, then, slowly, inside, unable to stop the groan that slips out when she gets the angle just right. Not that it matters; her walls are pretty thick, and she hasn't seen her neighbours in weeks.

She shifts slightly, getting comfortable again, then goes back to running her hand up and down the inside of her thigh, brushing against the device on every upstroke and nudging it slightly, making herself gasp at the change in sensation, and it's not long before she's reaching for the controller again, increasing the setting. She can hear, just, the hum of it inside her, but her breathing's louder now, covering it, and anyway, she really doesn't care, reaching down to rub circles over her own clit, the familiar tightening sensation in her toes and the base of her spine, and she shoves the controller up to the top level, the vibrations in exactly the right spot, so intense it's almost a relief when her orgasm breaks over her, a rush of sensation that leaves her gasping for breath, her hair damp with sweat, and it goes on and on as she shudders with it. Finally, she reaches for the controller and gradually slows it, still riding the after-shocks, until she eases it out, blissfully relaxed, dropping her head back with what she's sure is a completely goofy smile.

She sticks her head into Daniel's office the next day and grins at Vala, working her way through a mission report. "Just wanted to say thanks again for my Christmas present," she says, and ducks back out.

Not fast enough to miss hearing Vala's outraged squeal, or her voice bouncing after Sam down the corridor: "You weren't meant to use it by yourself!"

Sam smiles innocently at the airman passing her, and keeps walking. Vala will track her down eventually, and Sam's sure she's going to *love* letting herself get caught.

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