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5 Times A Member Of SG1 Got Left Behind

Fandom: Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Slash, Gen, PG

Year/Length: 2008/ ~1782 words

Pairing: some John/Cam (in my head, there are others as well, but they're really up to interpretation)

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Author's Notes: Originally written for [info]sg1_five_things

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


1. Teal'c:

Teal'c says, "It is only for six months, perhaps a year," and, "You will do quite well without me, Colonel Carter," and, "It is for the good of all Free Jaffa," and Sam can't really argue with any of it, because it *is* only for a year, only until the council's put into place the legislation to restructure Jaffa society for freedom, they *will* do fine without him, and it *is* for the good of all the free Jaffa.

Sam just doesn't want to leave him behind. She's only been back on SG-1 for five months since she got replaced on Atlantis, only just gotten used to being part of a team again, and now the team's going to be missing a part of it. Going to be missing *Teal'c*, who means SG-1 to her in a way that Cam and Vala, as much as she cares for both of them, never will. In a way that Daniel, although he was there from the beginning, feels like a part of her, never will, because Daniel, despite his year living on another planet, is from Earth, like her. Teal'c is the first person she ever met who wasn't from Earth, living, breathing proof of what she'd spent years waiting to see.

Teal'c is stable and solid and safe, the one person who held her up through Daniel ascending and Jack leaving. The person who made Atlantis seem like it would be bearable, and who made Earth bearable when she had to give up Atlantis again.

She tries to say this to him, standing by the gate, the wormhole already flickering blue, stumbling over the words and afraid that they make no sense anyway, through her choked throat and damp eyes.

Teal'c smiles, courtly and grave, and draws her close. "We will see each other again, Colonel Carter," he says. "I will return to you, when my work here is done."

"I know," she says, and goes through the gate with the knowledge warm and secure inside.

2. Vala:

"I wouldn't exactly call it stealing," Vala says when Cam finally untwists the rambling story of treasure, a disguise as a priestess, an unwitting local school teacher and, unless he's mishearing (which he really hopes he is), a goat. She swings her legs, fingers the Ancient possibly-paperweight on his desk and looks at Cam where he's sat behind his laptop, trying to finish his last mission report. "More – liberating."

"That's just a fancy word for stealing," Cam tells her. They've been working together for a year now, and even if they hadn't, he's got plenty of teenage cousins.

"You Earth people are so literal," Vala grumbles.

Cam can't really argue with that. "So why are you telling me this? We need to get you a mask? Plan a way to get you out of a death sentence – again?"

"That happened once, and if you and Daniel hadn't been so insistent on telling them, I never would have been in that mess." Cam just looks at her, waiting, and she sighs, her shoulders slumping. "Fine. Since I assume you won't send another team –"

"Nope," Cam agrees. Jackson's been talking about wanting to meet the people of this planet, who are reputed to be really hot on history, for weeks.

"Despite everything you're always saying about not leaving people behind, despite me being a *vital* member of this team –"

"Vala," Cam says, giving up any pretence of patience.

"I have to stay here," she says meekly. "For the sake of national security."

"Really?" Cam asks.

"Not the last bit," Vala concedes. "But they're always saying that in your movies. I like the way it sounds."

Cam closes his eyes for a brief moment, wonders if there's any chance he might open them on the next morning. Sadly, Vala's still sitting on his desk when he opens them again. "Fine by me," he says. "Try not to proposition General Landry when they're gone."

The goat turns out to be a two-headed chicken. Given its place in Vala's story, Cam could have lived quite happily without ever knowing that.

3. Sam:

Mitchell's being manhandled onto a gurney, half-unconscious, bleeding from two different bullet wounds and babbling, Daniel's hovering anxiously by him, and Vala and Teal'c are ducking away to avoid the gun fire that tried to follow them through the gate, when the wormhole winks out. Vala twitches her finger away from the trigger and looks round, confused. Sam was behind them, not in front, and Vala doesn't see –

"Sam!" Mitchell shouts, trying to bolt upright and going down again with a sharp gasp of pain. "Sam," he says again, his voice fading out as Dr Lam injects something into his arm.

Daniel picks up what Mitchell's obviously trying to say. "She didn't come through the gate." He turns to the glass above, and Vala notices General Landry there for the first time. "General, you have to dial back, Sam's still there."

Landry shakes his head. "We didn't shut it down. There's no lock on the gate."

Mitchell moans, even when Teal'c clasps his shoulder in reassurance. Vala knows it's pain, that he's too out of it to have heard what Landry said, but she can't help feeling that he knows anyway, because he sounds the way she feels, like something vital just got torn away.


Mitchell is silent and tense when Vala goes with Daniel to tell him that the Daedalus will be taking the three of them to M3X 476 to find Sam. He's not badly injured, but Dr Lam refuses to allow him out of the infirmary. Vala doesn't blame her – Mitchell is very pale, and alarmingly willing when she goes to hug him.

"We will bring Colonel Carter home," Teal'c says, and Vala wonders if he knows that he sounds like he's talking about her body. She knows Mitchell is thinking the same thing.


It's an anti-climax, finding Sam, except for how they find her, alive and well and thinking that only a couple of hours have passed. She says a lot about time dilation fields, about how it means no gate can lock onto that planet's, none of which Vala understands.

Vala understands the way it feels when she leaps at Sam to hug her and Sam pulls her close, though. It feels like safety and home, and the bubbling, happy feeling of everything being okay after all. It takes her far too long to let go, and Sam doesn't say a word, just holds on.

4. Daniel:

"I can't believe you're leaving me behind," Daniel says, again. "This is the third time this has happened to me?"

"You've been stuck on Earth with alien space flu while we gate off to Atlantis twice before?" Mitchell asks, amused and smug, and Daniel hates him. Then he has to throw up again, and it's kind of hard to hold onto that level of hatred when he's puking into a metal basin in front of his nominal team leader. "Nice, Jackson," Mitchell says when he's done.

Daniel flops back against the many pillows, all of them pink and frilly, that Vala brought down to the infirmary for him earlier. He has no idea where she got her hands on so many so quickly. He probably doesn't want to know. "Serve you right if you get it," he tells Mitchell.

"Natural immunity," Mitchell says, even though Daniel already knows, and gives him a smug grin. "Thanks to the prior plague that first year."

"There's no justice," Daniel says, meaning it completely. He doesn't even want to go to Atlantis and stay this time – well, he does, but he knows he can't – and he's still being prevented from going. If he didn't know about the Ancients, he could really start believing that the universe is out to get him.

"Sucks to be you," Mitchell says, patting his knee through the sheets.

"I hate you all," Daniel says, and throws up again.

5. Cam:

"Are you certain of your choice?" Teal'c asks. He and Colonel Mitchell are alone in the new 302 hanger of Atlantis, surrounded by the gleaming evidence of Colonel Mitchell's new path in life. He is uncertain that he truly needs to ask the question – Colonel Mitchell has ceased to wear his SG-1 team patch, though he has not yet replaced it with an Atlantis version.

Colonel Mitchell looks at the ships, at the gleaming walls of Atlantis behind them, and smiles. Teal'c does not use words like sweet, but if he did, he would use it to describe Colonel Mitchell's smile in that moment. He seems far happier than he has seemed on Earth in many months, though Teal'c does not for a moment attribute it, as some do, to being given the opportunity to spend his days flying again.

"Yeah," he says finally. "Pretty certain." His smile becomes a little sad. "Not that I'm not going to miss the hell out of you guys."

"As we will you," Teal'c says. He would not have expected it to be so very true when he first met Colonel Mitchell, so young, so excited. He cannot remember the moment that changed, and finds it does not matter so much as the fact that it did.

"You'll come to visit though, right? Bring Jackson?"

"Indeed," Teal'c says, knowing it will brighten Colonel Mitchell's smile.

The door to the hanger slides open with an almost inaudible hush, and Colonel Sheppard strides in. His eyes go immediately to Colonel Mitchell as though Teal'c is not there, and they both grin. They remind Teal'c in that moment of young children, or perhaps young lovers, with the simple, instant joy they take in being close to one another. Or perhaps it is a joy in knowing that they will remain so.

"You ready to say goodbye?" Colonel Sheppard asks. His tone is gentle, more so than the question should truly require. Teal'c finds it very strange that Colonel Sheppard is the least certain of Colonel Mitchell's decision, of the three of them, though Colonel Sheppard has often seemed to him to lack the confidence he pretends to.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Colonel Mitchell says. His own tone has none of Colonel Sheppard's uncertainty. It seems to reassure Colonel Sheppard as well, for he relaxes and nods towards the open door.

"Great. Watching Carter and Woolsey bond over commanding Atlantis is starting to freak me out."

Colonel Mitchell laughs as he gestures for Teal'c to precede him and Colonel Sheppard from the hanger, and Teal'c is certain: he has the answer to his question, beyond any doubt.

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