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Red Wine and Hope

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Category/Rated: Slash, R

Year/Length: 2008/ ~1570 words

Pairing: Laura Cadman/Katie Brown

Spoilers: Tag to 413 Quarantine

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Summary: She probably shouldn't be giving Katie alcohol, but Katie didn't come to her, back to Earth, for a listening ear, and Katie can't let herself have it without alcohol as an excuse, a push.

Author's Notes: Written for [info]femslash_today's winter porn battle, so pretty much pwp.

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


Katie says, "He asked me to marry him," and, "I never realized he thought..." and, "God, it would have been..." Laura curls her bare feet under her thighs on the other end of the couch, keeps topping up their glasses of red wine and nods along, sympathetic and interested. She probably shouldn't be giving Katie alcohol, but Katie didn't come to her, back to Earth, for a listening ear, and Katie can't let herself have it without alcohol as an excuse, a push.

Laura tries not to think about why she's drinking, why she's providing the excuse. Katie's going to go back to Atlantis, of course, and Laura's not, of course, and she should know better. She does know better, she just doesn't care.

The taste of the wine on Katie's lips is achingly familiar when her words slow to a halt and she looks at Laura through her eyelashes, inviting Laura in to kiss her. Laura goes, onto her knees on the soft couch cushions as Katie twists one leg up under her, and they kiss, familiar as the wine, still soft, even though they both know where this is going. Laura has to keep one hand on the back of the couch for balance, and it's awkward, her other hand on Katie's thigh, while Katie slides both hands up into Laura's hair, angling her head to deepen the kiss.

Laura's never figured out if it's weird that Katie likes to kiss her, or weird that the other mostly-straight girls don't. Maybe it's both. Maybe she's just reading into it. It shouldn't matter – she likes to kiss, likes to kiss Katie, her mouth warm and soft under Laura's, her teeth scraping over Laura's lower lip.

"Here," she says quietly, shifting back far enough that they can both ease down onto the couch, Laura pressed against the cushioned back, not quite on top of Katie. There's not enough space, not really, for two grown women, but she knows better than to suggest they go into the bedroom. She runs her hands under Katie's t-shirt instead, slides it over her head when Katie obligingly raises her arms. Katie's as pale as she remembers, still uses the same aloe vera and cucumber shower gel. Still sighs when Laura kisses the dip of her collar bone and strokes the freckles on her left breast, just above her plain white bra. Laura kisses the same spot again, then a little higher. She loves the way Katie smells, clean and fresh.

She loves it even more when she pushes her hand awkwardly into Katie's bra, cupping her breast and stroking a thumb across her nipple, and Katie shudders, her hands tightening on Laura's back. Laura's been with plenty of women who have sensitive nipples, but no-one like Katie. She wonders, again, if Katie could get off on just having her nipples played with, not that she'll ever ask to try.

"Take this off," she says against Katie's neck. She feels Katie nod before she's pushed gently back so Katie can reach behind herself and unfasten her bra. Her face is flushed when Laura looks up at her, embarrassment or maybe just arousal.

"You too," Katie says, and Laura complies. She's not sure why Katie always asks, when she never touches anywhere she couldn't reach under Laura's clothes, but she always does, and Laura likes the electric shock of skin against skin as much as she wishes it was more.

She ducks her head again, taking Katie's nipple into her mouth. When she flicks her tongue over it, Katie moans, clutching at Laura, and it makes Laura shudder like she knew it would. The slide of Katie's hands up her spine, then back down to stroke lightly just above the waistband of her jeans is more of a surprise, but, oh, a really good one. She scrapes her teeth carefully over Katie's nipple, then bites gently, the feel of flesh between her teeth an unexpected turn-on.

Katie sighs. "Feels good," she says, sounding almost drugged. Laura looks up to see her head tipped back, eyes closed, and she itches to stroke down the line of Katie's throat. It would be out of place though, so she slides her hand up Katie's stomach, back over her breast, and Katie sighs again. Laura bites a little harder at the nipple in her mouth, then licks it, soothing. Katie shifts, wraps one leg around Laura's, and Laura can feel the warmth of Katie's arousal against her own thigh. It makes her mouth water, starts a dull ache between her own legs that she tries to ignore.

She wants to lick her way down Katie's body, slide her pants down and her underwear aside and go down on Katie until she's breathless with pleasure and Laura can't think of anything else, but Katie doesn't do that, always pushes her head away and goes painfully red. Katie shifts again, pushing her hips up, rubbing against Laura's thigh. Laura takes advantage and lifts her head, kissing Katie's neck, her left ear lobe, her closed eyelid, and then her mouth, not gentle at all, pushing inside and tasting red wine again. Katie kisses back immediately, pressing Laura closer.

Laura opens her eyes, just for a moment, watching the blur of Katie's face as they kiss, almost hazy, like Katie's not really there any more. Then Katie slides her hands down, cupping Laura's ass through her jeans and rubbing against her more firmly, and it's Laura who moans, stupidly turned on by Katie, by the feel of Katie's hard nipples against her own breasts.

She fumbles Katie's khakis open, pushes her hand inside her underwear. Katie's already wet, and she presses down against Laura's hand when Laura rubs between her legs. They're still kissing, almost, mouths pressed together as they breathe the same air, Katie's breathing getting harsher and harsher until she gasps sharply, her hips bucking against Laura's hand as she comes.

Laura slows her hand gradually as Katie catches her breath, the sound loud in the silent room. She wishes she'd thought to put some music on, but it's too late now. She presses her face to Katie's shoulder instead, feels Katie's breathing slow until it's almost back to normal. Then she slips the tip of one finger inside Katie, and feels her breath catch all over again.

"Oh," Katie says, very quietly. "Oh, please."

They've never really done this, even though Laura figured Katie would like it. It makes her think of the strap-on in her bedside drawer, a pulse of arousal between her legs. She distracts herself with pushing Katie's pants down, then her underwear. She half-expects Katie to squirm, uncomfortable at being naked with Laura, but she doesn't, just looks up at Laura for a moment, then moves Laura's hand back where she wants it. Laura slides one finger into her, warm and wet, then a second, twisting her wrist to press her thumb against Katie's clit. Katie tightens her hands on Laura's shoulders, fingernails biting into the skin, and Laura has to bite down on her shoulder, her teeth itching with the need to be pressed into something.

"Another –" Katie says. "Another one. Please."

It's not the best angle, but Laura adds a third finger, fucks Katie like that with her thumb unmoving on Katie's clit, Katie gasping and shuddering, then sliding lower, a stream of, "Oh, oh, oh." She comes a moment later, arching up towards Laura and groaning with something that sounds almost like relief.

Laura tenses when Katie's hand closes gently round her wrist, lifting her hand away, but then Katie wraps her other hand round the back of Laura's neck, pulling her down to kiss and kiss. Laura gets lost in the slide of Katie's mouth against hers, how different it feels to kiss her when she's already come, pliant and easy, endless and new. She's not quite distracted enough not to notice Katie fumbling with the buttons of her jeans, but it's distant, right up until Katie rubs at Laura's clit through her underwear. She snaps back to awareness so hard it almost hurts, moans helplessly, because this feels so, so much better than the muffled sensation of rubbing off through her jeans against Katie's thigh. So much better, but not quite...

She reaches down, her hand tangling with Katie's for a moment as she pushes her own underwear to the side. Then Katie's fingers slide against her bare skin, over the opening of her cunt, and her orgasm slams through her, sudden and harsh.

She comes down slowly, half-dizzy with it, shaken out and loose. Katie draws her hand back slowly, touches Laura's thigh, and Laura shivers at the bright zing of sensation, twitching away from it.

"Sorry," Katie says quietly. She wraps her arms around Laura's back instead, pulling her close. Laura goes, immediately, pressing into the contact, the backs of her knees damp with sweat, soaking up everything new and ignoring the part of her that wants to insist this doesn't mean it won't be exactly the same come morning. It's been different enough so far to risk having hope.

"You okay?" she asks Katie.

Katie nods. "Cold," she says, then, "We should go to bed. I still owe you another one."

Laura presses her grin against Katie's skin, and gives in to the fluttery relieved feeling of hope, and something that might actually be happiness.

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