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Three's A Crowd

Fandom: Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Threesome, R

Year/Length: 2009/ ~5118 words

Pairing: Daniel/Cam/Jack

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Author's Notes: written for comment_fic's adopt a lonely prompt weekend.

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


Cam would have thought that, if anyone was going to freak out, it'd be him. Not that he wouldn't have been justified, in bed with a team-mate and his team-mate's pretty clearly long-term lover, who also happened to be a general in the Air Force.

Instead, it's Jack who says, "Um, maybe I should..." shifting where he was lying close.

Cam's not really with it, Jackson thrusting firmly into him, one hand tight on Cam's cock, holding off his orgasm until Cam's dizzy with it. He knows that tone though, the need in it, so he takes a deep breath, opens his eyes, tries to focus on Jack, not Jackson.

Jack looks half a second from getting up and leaving, even though he's hard, and for a moment, Cam sees what he's seeing: his younger, even if not by much, lover, going at it with the guy he spends every day with. It's not hard to see why Jack might be jealous, worried. He's not there to hear the way Jackson talks about him, the hero of the stargate program, Jackson's best friend, the guy he still misses after two years, and Cam's not able to tell him, not like this, biting his lip not to cry out every time Jackson pushes into him.

"Stay," he manages, breathless. He forces one hand to release its grip on the sheets and slides it up Jack's thigh instead, feeling the muscle twitch. When he looks up, Jack's watching his hand. "Jackson, wait."

Jackson moans in frustration – like he can talk, he already came once, unlike Cam and Jack – but his hips still, cock pressed deep into Cam, which doesn't help him at all to get his fuzzy brain to work. "Okay," Cam says. His muscles feel like they've been liquefied, and he can't move very well with Jackson's wait pressing him down, but he does his best, gets his hands on Jack's hips and nudges until Jack gets the message and moves himself to sit against the head of the bed. Cam shifts between his legs, sinks into the bed and groans when Jackson's cock slides impossibly deeper into him. Jack echoes the sound, and Cam realizes he's breathing against the head of Jack's cock.

"Any time you're ready," Jackson says, voice tight.

"Patience, Daniel," Jack says, sounding amused now, confident.

"He's so tight," Jackson says, like Cam's not even there, and, okay, it's not the way Cam would have chosen to make Jack feel better, but whatever works. And then Jackson moves, thrusting into him again, and he feels himself start to slide away again.

Then there's a hand on his head, tilting it, and he opens his mouth automatically, letting Jack move him until he's sliding his mouth down over Jack's cock. He sucks, soft, tongue pressing over the head, tasting precome, wraps one hand loosely round Jack's balls, and hears Jack groan above him, right there. He grins as well as he can around the cock in his mouth, everything going fuzzy as Jackson palms his cock and his brain whites out as he comes.

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