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Still With Me

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Slash, PB

Year/Length: 2008/ ~809 words

Pairing: John/Cam

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Author's Notes: For [info]10pmpacifictime, who wanted something from early on in the How to Survive the Far Reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy in 5 Easy Steps universe, when SG-1 are back and John's still resentful and sulky

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


"I was thinking," Mitchell said, sitting down opposite John in the mess without asking. "Now we've got the band back together, we should do something."

Oh yeah, everyone back, the great SG-1 reformed again. John hmm'ed in a way he hoped portrayed vague interest, and took a large bite of his sandwich. Just what he wanted, a chance to hang out with Colonel So-Tell-Me-How-You-Survived-A-Year-Without-Killing-McKay Carter and Dr Tell-Me-Everything-About-Atlantis Jackson and... Well, all right, Teal'c wasn't that bad, except for how John always thought Teal'c was laughing at him, and not in the nice way Teyla had sometimes.

Which he wasn't thinking about.

"Yeah." Mitchell, when John looked up, was wincing over his coffee mug – probably trying to drink it while it was too hot, again – and frowning at John. It shouldn't have been possible to do both, John was pretty sure, but that was Mitchell for you. "Sam's got the DVD of Fantastic Four, I'm thinking team movie night."

"Sure," John said brightly, hoping his smile didn't look as forced as it felt. If he was going to be stuck with these people – which it looked like he was – he'd have to get on with them. And Mitchell was a nice guy, didn't bring up Atlantis, ever, and paid attention to what John had to say in the field.

It was just that team movie night had been their thing, back when his team had been his, not just the people he'd been landed with because they couldn't get rid of him after he helped to save Atlantis from the Wraith. Rodney had mocked him for it, but as a bonding activity it had worked. He wasn't sure he wanted to bond with these people yet.

It had nothing to do with the movie being Carter's choice.

"Okay, great," Mitchell said doubtfully. John kept expecting to get sick of the way Mitchell looked at him, like he needed taking care of or something, but it hadn't happened yet. He was starting to think it wasn't going to, though he preferred not to think about the reasons for that.

"Yeah, sounds like fun," John said, putting a bit more enthusiasm into his voice. He did want to see what they'd done with a live action Fantastic Four, after all, and he'd missed it in the cinema, what with being in another galaxy and all. "You asked the others yet?"

Mitchell's face scrunched up in an expression John recognised from a few missions where they'd been asked to do something that sounded unpleasant. "Figured I'd start with the easy one," he said.

He didn't mean it like that, John told himself firmly. He meant easy to persuade, agreeable, not... Not easy like, would fall into bed with Mitchell if he just asked nicely. Hell, probably not even nicely. Make that one more thing that John wasn't thinking about, along with how pleased Mitchell had been when Carter agreed to come back from Area 51 to join them.

They'd been friends for a long time, it didn't mean anything. John would have been thrilled to have Rodney turn up on the team, or Teyla, and he had no desire to sleep with either of them. He wasn't a little kid, jealous that his sort-of friend, his partner in the land of wasn't-there-for-that on SG-1 had another friend with whom he had history. He just felt that way sometimes.

"Sheppard?" Mitchell said, reaching across the table to nudge his elbow. "Still with me?"

"Still with you," John said, making an effort to rejoin the conversation. "I'll ask Dr Jackson for you, if you want. He'll probably come just to..." He let the sentence go, horrified to realize he couldn't finish it without his voice cracking. Get a grip.

"He'll come just to get Teal'c to leave him alone," Mitchell finished, like he'd always meant to. Most of his face was hidden behind the coffee mug he was sipping from, but his eyes were warm and understanding. "And to torture me with arcane trivia about, I dunno, comic book culture or something."

"I think that's a bit too recent for him," John said gamely. God, he just wanted... something. Whatever Mitchell was offering, or trying to offer, or not quite offering, yet. He wanted to say yes, so badly.

"This is Jackson we're talking about," Mitchell pointed out. "If there was ever anything even vaguely like comic books at some point in human evolution, he'll know about it. And lecture us all on it."

John couldn't really argue with that, even knowing that Mitchell said it with irritated affection, while John was more just irritated. At least Rodney's lectures usually included something that would save their lives.

"So, tomorrow night, my place?" Mitchell asked.

John nodded. Took a deep breath, shoving away the memories, and said, "I'll bring the popcorn."

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