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Five teams Cam could have formed when Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c all said no

Fandom: SG1,SGA

Category/Rated: Gen/PG

Year/Length: 2011/362 words

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He doesn't mean to recruit John Sheppard, not really. It's just that Sheppard's hanging around, looking anxious while he waits for word on whether he's going home, and Cam needs someone to go through the gate with him, and then Sheppard doesn't end up going back to Atlantis after all and -. Well, Sheppard is the easy one.


He does not know how he ends up with Vala mal'Doran. She just never leaves, and she has an eye for who should be on their team, and a way of keeping them, so that six months after finding out SG1 is gone, Cam's actually stopped missing them.


The thing about the SGC is, they keep more secrets than just the big one, and so when everyone somehow finds out about Cam and John right before John goes back to Atlantis, it's not the career-ending crisis Cam always assumed it would be. The weird thing is, he suddenly has people *wanting* to join his team. He kind of worries that it takes him three months to realize that he has the gay team, now.


Carolyn says, "I want to get out of here," and Cam's never been able to say no to a pretty woman. Of course, it helps that she's brilliant and compassionate, has a wicked sense of humor and slaps down the airmen who even think of getting out of line. He'll admit it, being on a team with her is more fun than he ever expected the SGC to be.


Cam sticks it out for a year at the SGC, but he never manages to settle, always feels like an outsider in what should be his own space. O'Neill says he already gave Cam his one favor, but Cam points out that he didn't actually get it, not really, and O'Neill's a good guy, so he says okay.

Atlantis is weird in a different way, with all the paranoia that he's there to replace John, but John laughs it off and makes it clear he wants Cam there, and so, when Cam starts looking for his own team, he doesn't get a lot of refusals.

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