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One Day On A Tuesday

Fandom: SGA

Category/Rated: Slash/NC17

Year/Length: 2011/1961 words

Pairing: Teyla/Elizabeth/Kate

Spoilers: Doppelganger

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Summary: One day, a Jumper brings an unexpected visitor to Athos

Prompt: Kids, what's in a name

Author's Notes: For falcon_horus & teylafen

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


Teyla hears the faint hum of the Jumper approach as she steps from their tent, Torren in her arms, and feels her face break into a smile.

"You see who has come to visit us?" she asks Torren, though he is too preoccupied with chewing on her hair to respond. She will be very glad when he finishes teething. "Shall we find Elizabeth, do you think?"

Many of Teyla's people are appearing from their tents, drawn by the approach of the Jumper. Their trust in the people of Earth since her team rescued them from Michael warms her. She feels more certain each day that she made the right choice to stay with them and raise her child among her own people.

"Teyla."She does not start; Elizabeth has learned to move quietly in her time with the Athosians, but she will never have the stealth that Teyla has known since childhood.

Teyla turns, smiling at Elizabeth's peaceful expression even with the prospect of seeing the people of Earth. It has been long in coming, far longer than it took for Elizabeth to be at peace with Teyla herself. "I was coming to find you," she says. "Will we greet our visitors together?"

A moment of hesitation passes over Elizabeth's face, but it is only a moment. "Yes." Her response is firm and certain, as the consort of the leader of the Athosians should be. "Do you know who's visiting?"

"I do not, though I believe John and Ronon were hoping to, and Carson to check on Torren."

Elizabeth relaxes slightly at Carson's name – like her, he is not the first to bear a familiar face and name, and it does not surprise Teyla that Elizabeth finds an ease with him, for all the differences in how they came to be. "It'll be nice to see all of them."

Teyla does not miss the note of longing in Elizabeth's voice. No-one is certain how she survived the attack that killed the Replicator clones of Teyla and her team, but Elizabeth continues to grieve them much as the Athosian people grieve their lost.

As Teyla grieves for the father her son will not know.

The Jumper has landed at the edge of the clearing, a crowd of people surrounding the open hatch so that Teyla cannot see who is inside. "Who is here?" she calls loudly.

"Teyla," Ronon calls back, and of course, she sees him now and does not know how she could have missed him. He pushes through the gathered people to engulf her in a warm hug, dropping a kiss to Torren's head as he steps back, taking in Elizabeth at her side. "Dr Weir."

"Elizabeth," she corrects, as always, with a gesture to the traditional Athosian dress she wears. "How are you?"

"Good." He looks between the two of them. "Brought you something."

"Gifts of friendship are always most welcome," Teyla says diplomatically – Ronon's ideas of appropriate gifts are sometimes odd, as though he forgets that she does not live the city life that he does.

Ronon smiles widely. "Don't worry. S'not something you'll have to find a place for. I have to take it back with us when we leave."

"That is not much of a gift," Teyla chides gently, her curiosity burning. She does love puzzles.

"You'll like it," Ronon promises, stepping aside.

Teyla has to blink at who he reveals, unsure that her eyes are not tricking her. "Kate."

Kate has allowed her hair to return to its natural blonde, pulled away from her face in a neat tail. Her eyes are bright and her smile wide as she steps forward, bending to touch her forehead to Teyla's. "Are you surprised?"

"Very." Teyla shifts Torren in her arms as he grabs for Kate's uniform jacket. Kate catches his hand and kisses the back of it, before turning to Elizabeth.

They both hesitate for a moment that makes Teyla hold her breath. Kate returned to Earth before Elizabeth's miraculous reappearance, and though Teyla does not expect judgment, she is unsure what she does expect.

Kate throwing her arms around Elizabeth would not have appeared anywhere on a list of expectations, however. "It's you," Kate says, her voice choked. "I thought –Teyla emailed me, but I didn't dare –"

Elizabeth holds her very close, her face pressed to Kate's hair as she says nothing. Teyla feels weak with relief, and with longing, to be part of this embrace that draws them close again as they should be.

She is sure that she will not have to wait so very long for that.


In their tent, with bedding for three adults though there have only ever been two sharing it, Kate holds Torren on her lap as he chews on the hard teething bread. "He's so big." She sounds awed. "He's going to be much taller than you."

"His father –" Teyla has to swallow against the dulling pain of finding Kanaan only to lose him. "His father was very tall." She moves close enough to touch Torren's hair, and remains there, her knee pressed to Kate's.

"He's going to grow into a fine man, with strong memories of his father," Elizabeth says as she settles on the third side of their triangle, her feet curled under her, one brushing against Teyla's thigh.

Teyla nods her thanks to Elizabeth for her words, before focusing on Kate again. "You are returned to Atlantis for good?"

A shadow passes over Kate's face – they are none of them free of past hurts. "I got some good help on Earth, after…" The crystal entity had passed from Major Lorne to Kate as she bent over him while he lay stunned, and would have killed her, had she not been woken as she started to dream, in order to tend to a young scientist in crisis. Kate had touched his arm to offer comfort; the next morning, they'd awoken to find him dead, a tragedy from which Kate had been unable to absolve herself. When she left, shattered, for Earth, Teyla had been sure they would never see her again.

"I asked General Landry if I could come back, I was sure he'd say no, but I guess my replacement didn't like it out here, so…" She spreads her hands. "Here I am."

"It is so very good to see you again," Teyla says.

"And you." Kate's eyes travel across to Elizabeth. "Both of you." She reaches for Elizabeth's hand, and that is all Teyla can stand, when she has barely touched Kate.

Perhaps she is a touch greedy as she reaches for Kate's hand, her own a little too tight. "How long will you stay with us?" she asks, and her voice is equally rough.

"Carson's flying the Jumper back this evening. I have appointments tomorrow morning." Kate turns her hand to hold Teyla's, the other held in Elizabeth's. Her smile is sharp and wicked as Teyla remembers from the first time the three of them were together. "But we can make the most of the time that we do have."

A shiver runs down Teyla's spine – intimacy with Elizabeth has been as good as her best memories, but the addition of Kate can only make it more intense. It was always so between the three of them, compared to any two.

Elizabeth laughs. "At least let me put Torren down first." She takes him from Kate, hushing him when he begins to fuss. "And you two better at least try to be quiet, unless you want the whole settlement to know what we're doing."

Kate's eyes are hot. "I do," she says.


"Ssh," Elizabeth says around laughter as Teyla moans.

"I would see you – oh – do so like this." Teyla is naked, Elizabeth pressed against the length of her back, light fingers playing with her breasts, and Kate's head between her legs, Kate's tongue doing things that Teyla is certain cannot be legal on Earth with all of its rules around sex.

"I would see the look on Ronon's and Carson's faces," Elizabeth counters, mimicking Teyla's word choice. One of her hands strays down Teyla's stomach to thread through Kate's hair. Kate's answering sigh sends a shiver of pure, intense sensation through Teyla. When she licks her lips, she tastes Elizabeth, the first of them to climax, and she knows that if she took Elizabeth's fingers into her mouth, she would taste the faint traces of Kate's pleasure on them.

"You are… wonderful," Teyla says, low and intense. She does not know if she means Kate or Elizabeth, or maybe both of them, together.

In answer, Kate rubs her thumb over Teyla, following the path with her tongue. It is a dirty trick that Kate has delighted in using on Teyla since she discovered it.

This time is no exception: Teyla's back arches, her body quivering around Kate's thumb pressed lightly into her, and she climaxes, rough and loud.

When it is over, she finds herself held between Elizabeth and Kate as they press kisses to her own skin and to each others.

"Well, if they didn't know what we're up to in here before, they sure do now," Kate says dryly.

Teyla's body is loose and relaxed, sore in all the best ways. She takes a kiss from Kate, a second from Elizabeth. "I do not care," she says. "They all will wish they had such consorts as I do."

Kate's hand tickles over Teyla's ribs. "I'm your consort? I like the sound of that."

"It means the chosen of the Athosian leader," Elizabeth says. Her voice is rough though she is always near silent during sex, and it contrasts strangely, but not unpleasantly, with her scholarly tone. "Teyla can convey all sorts of powers and responsibilities to one or both of us, and the Athosian people have to accept it, unless three fourths of them choose to make a stand in protest."

"Like what?" Kate asks, the words soft over Teyla's collarbone.

"Leadership of my people in my absence." Teyla pets Kate's hair, her head resting on Elizabeth's shoulder. "The power to make alliances or trades on behalf of the Athosians, speaking for me. Diplomatic or trading station on another world."

"Wow." Kate's tone is a little dry, but under that, something deeper, as though the true meaning of their commitment to one another is clear to her. "Do I get any say in what you do with me?"

"Depends on what she wants to do," Elizabeth says, her voice light with amusement. She is always so much more open after sex, and Teyla loves to see it.

"You may always choose," Teyla says solemnly. "You can be my… partner, is the best word… without my consort. Many Athosian leaders have done so."

Elizabeth goes still behind Teyla, all amusement gone, and Kate lifts her head so she can see them both. Her face is serious. "I want everything," she says. "Even if I can't – even living on Atlantis, I want everything with you, both of you."

Teyla twists so that she can wrap both Kate and Elizabeth in her arms, their arms wrapping around her, an unbreakable triad that has finally come together for good. "You shall have it," she promises. "We all three shall have everything we could want, and so much more."

She hesitates, knowing that, unlike many of the people from Earth, Kate and Elizabeth will know how much her next words mean. "I swear it in my name."

She need not have worried. Their voices echo her words back to her, "I swear it in my name," a promise and a vow that will bind them to each other until the end.

As it should be.

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