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Last Kiss: Carolyn Lam/Vala

Fandom: SG1

Category/Rated: Slash/PG

Year/Length: 2011/439 words

Pairing: Carolyn Lam/Vala

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


Carolyn startles when a white mug of coffee appears on her desk. "I don't know how you do that."

Vala hitches her hip on the corner of the desk and grins, swinging one combat boot-clad foot. Even in her tac-vest, she looks young and sweet. "A girl has to have some skills."

"Skills, I understand. Ability to sneak through my infirmary while wearing combat boots, I do not." Carolyn pulls the coffee mug closer with one hand, rubbing her eyes with the other. She still can't get used to how much computer work being a doctor, especially a doctor with the SGC, involves.



Vala swipes the mug and takes a sip, then makes a face. "Too much sugar."

"There's always too much sugar," Carolyn points out, reclaiming her mug. "I always take my coffee the same. You always get it the same for me."

Vala shrugs, her eyes bright. "I'm waiting to get used to the way you drink it."

Carolyn shakes her head. "You're heading out?"

"Soon as Cameron gets done with your father." Vala scrunches her nose up. "I think he might be in trouble."

"I'm sure he's fine," Carolyn says; she prefers to pretend that her father isn't her father, when it comes to work, but Vala hops cheerfully from side to side of that line. "Where are you going?"

"M3X 176," Vala says with relish. Carolyn raises an eyebrow, waiting for some sort of exciting story. Instead, Vala deflates slightly and admits, "First contact, no-one knows anything about the place. It'll probably be boring, and not have any treasure."

"Can't have everything you want."

"Oh, now, that's not true." Vala rests one hand on the desk by Carolyn's, and leans in to kiss her. It's barely more than a brush of her lips against Carolyn's, as much as they allow themselves at the SGC, even if they're not doing anything against the rules. "I'm pretty sure I have everything I want."

Carolyn flushes, looking down. "Go on, get out of here. Some of us have work to do."

Vala kisses her again, hopping off the edge of the desk. "Too much sugar," she calls over her shoulder. "I'm buying dinner tonight."

An hour after SG1 gate off-world, the gate alarm sounds. Carolyn ignores it, since it's not followed up by a call for medical. The infirmary is quiet, her handful of patients all sleeping. Maybe the quiet means she hears movement in the doorway behind her; maybe it's just her sixth sense tingling.

The last thing she sees is the unfamiliar weapon in an unfamiliar hand, and the flash as it goes off.

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