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Christmas Ficlets Lorne/Sheppard

Fandom: SGA

Category/Rated: Slash/PG

Year/Length: 2010/652 words

Pairing: Lorne/Sheppard

Spoilers: post Enemy At The Gates

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Summary: For miss-zedem, who asked for: Early morning San Francisco. Lorne/SG male of your choice, or Lorne!gen. You know, whatever :)

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


"Hey," someone said quietly from the doorway. Lorne didn't bother looking away from the view of the Golden Gate bridge, and a moment later, John came to lean on the balcony next to him. "Nice view."

Lorne nodded. It was too early for the mist to have burned off the bay yet, everything out of focus, and more unreal than the view from Atlantis had ever been in Pegasus.

John didn't say anything, just stood quietly, his bare arm not quite touching Lorne's, and when Lorne glanced over, he was looking out at the water, his face giving nothing away, as usual. "You haven't been out here all night, right?" he asked, maybe catching Lorne looking.

Lorne shook his head. "Couldn't sleep. I's peaceful out here."

John shrugged one shoulder. "Wait till the IOA start descending."

"Yeah." Personal conversations with John weren't ever easy, and this one had all the makings of being worse than most, since Lorne wasn't even sure what he wanted to say. "I wanted some space to think."

He felt John tense, even though they weren't touching, and reached for his arm before John could offer to leave. "I was going to come looking for you." He took his hand back, just in case; most of Atlantis' residents were early risers. "You know things are going to... change."

John grinned, sharp and sarcastic. "Yeah, I'd say."

"What – happens?" Lorne made a vague, circular gesture between the two of them, one that meant nothing much, and all of it, at once.

John had gone tense again, the line of his shoulders betraying his discomfort. "We're not doing anything wrong. We're not doing *anything* right now."

"You know Ronon asked me what's going on?"

"Ronon's observant."

"Ronon's not the only one. Dr Somerset's a renowned diplomat, that doesn't happen without being able to..." He stopped, not wanting an argument. Not sure they could have one in the opaque terms they always used to talk about this.

"She'll be out of the city most of the time," John said. "Especially if Woolsey comes back."

"With one of our teams, at least until Wright is up to speed with Pegasus."

"What do you want me to do about it?" John asked. He sounded tired, defeated, and Lorne didn't have any answers, even though it was his *job* to have the answers when John didn't; even more so now that he'd been promoted.

They watched the bay in silence, the mist starting to lift and a couple of ships heading out to sea.

"It'll be different now," John said eventually. "We're on a level, it's – acceptable for us to be friends. We've been together – been working together for a long time."

Lorne couldn't say that friends wasn't a problem, or that being accepted as spending more time together wouldn't help. Not when he'd never learned to hide his relief when John did something daredevil and survived, not when he was there at team nights with Sheppard's team: him and Kanaan and Banks and Jennifer. Atlantis' people weren't stupid, and if they'd felt less than safe when Woolsey arrived, Somerset felt actively dangerous.

"I could ask to transfer back to the SGC," he said, very quietly. "Head up a team there. It's a logical step, if I want to make general."

"Do you?"

"I did, in the future you went to."

"In the future I went to, I was missing presumed dead, Teyla was dead, Sam and Ronon were dead, and you were all forced to leave Atlantis. Do you *want* to?"

"I want to stay here." It felt like a confession, or a declaration. Something he shouldn’t be making.

"Then stay," John said, finally turning to look at him. "It's been four years. We'll be okay."

Lorne wasn't at all sure he believed John, but he wanted to. God, did he want to, and maybe that would be enough.

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