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Five people Ronon has loved

Fandom: Stargate:Atlantis

Category/Rated: Gen

Year/Length: 2010/~595 words

Pairing: Ronon/Evan

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

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His mother: his father died long before Ronon was old enough to remember him, and so his mother brought him up. When he was five, his next door neighbor's father died as well, and the two women moved in together to raise their children. Ronon got used to going to Arda for all sorts of things - help with his homework, an extra cookie, permission to go out and play with his friends - but right up until the end, his mother was who he went to when he was hurt and needed comfort. Even after the end, really; he wore a pendant of hers around his neck, and held it, talked to her, when he was Running.


Melena: lots of the soldiers courted staff from the hospital, since the barracks was next door. Some of them were serious, some of them weren't, so much, but it was normal; the end of year parties were always mostly soldiers and doctors. Ronon and Melena started out as mostly friends, who occasionally slept together, and Ronon was never able to figure out when it changed, only that one day it seemed like the most obvious thing in the world to buy her a ring and ask her to marry him.


John Sheppard: John is his rescuer, when he'd given up hoping for one, his guide to life in Atlantis, his commander and team leader, his way back into normal life, and Ronon loves him with a fierce, grateful love for that. But John is also his best friend, his comrade in arms, the guy he'd die for without a second thought, the person he sometimes falls into bed with, and Ronon loves him in a whole different way for that. In a way that he thinks he would have loved him even if the Wraith had never destroyed Sateda and made him a Runner, if they'd met any other way than the way they did.


Teyla Emmagan: Teyla is like a sister, like the sister he never had, calm and accepting and the only other person in Atlantis who sometimes finds the people there beyond weird. Ronon has no trouble believing that, in the future John saw, he was so willing to die, with both her and John gone. He tries not to think of it, when she's there and whole and healthy, laughing at Torren and smiling at Kanaan.


Evan Lorne: Evan makes no sense, in amongst everyone else Ronon has loved. They don't work closely enough for Ronon to love him the way he did Tyre and the others, the way he does Rodney, as a comrade in arms; they're not friends, like him and John, or family, like Teyla or his mother. They don't even have the kind of slow growing love that Ronon still has for Melena. So yeah, Evan makes no sense. And yet: he knows how to make Ronon laugh, and Ronon knows how to make him stop looking so guilty when he didn't get to a rescue fast enough. He's the person Ronon goes to when Teyla's with her family and Rodney's with Jennifer and John's on his own because John likes it that way sometimes. He's the person Ronon wishes he could have asked Rodney about, in the alternate future, because apparently Evan survived in that one, and Ronon wants to know if he survived and got happy again or not. Wants to make sense of a future that they didn't spend together, because in this version, he can't imagine it. Doesn't want to.

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