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Hands On

Fandom: Stargate:Atlantis

Category/Rated: Slash, R

Year/Length: 2010/~2037 words

Pairing: Amelia/Jennifer (past Jennifer/Rodney & Amelia/Ronon)

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Prompt: Amelia/Jennifer, sex toys

Summary: While Atlantis is floating off San Francisco Bay, they makes some purchases at Good Vibrations and celebrate their break ups with Ronon and Rodney together.

Author's Notes: For sga_kinkmeme)

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


To the surprise of both of them, Jennifer's the only one who's bought sex toys before.

"I was... I didn't date much in college," she explains awkwardly. She doesn't know Amelia well, only enough to know that she likes her – strong, funny, in control – and that if this is a date (it is, right? You don't invite a friend to go shopping for sex toys with you. Or maybe you do, if you're someone like Amelia), she doesn't want Amelia to change her mind.

"Very wise," Amelia says cheerfully, checking the street name and turning left. "I dated some real creeps in college, until I learned to say no." She thinks for a minute, then says, "Actually, even after that, but definitely fewer."

"And some nice guys, though?" Jennifer prompts, thinking of Ronon.

"And even nicer girls." Amelia grins at her, then tucks her arm through Jennifer's. "Come on, it's this way."


The day they broke up, Rodney rambled at Jennifer for twenty minutes about science and being recognized for his work and opportunities on Earth before she got that he was trying to tell her he wasn't going back to Pegasus when the city left. "I thought we could get a place together," he added, taking her hand.

She stared at him, mind blank, then blurted, "I'm going back to Pegasus."

He told everyone, after the fight and the attempts to find a compromise, that he dumped her, and she didn't argue. He had, even if she'd been the one to say, "I think it would be best to call it a day."


The store's kind of impossible to miss, with a big "Good Vibrations" sign outside, and a rainbow flag. Oddly, that's what makes Amelia frown and pull her arm free from Jennifer's. "Um," she says.

Jennifer realizes, with a sinking sensation, that she's probably misread Amelia's flirting. She tries to keep the disappointment off her face, but she's pretty sure she doesn't succeed.

"No," Amelia says quickly, stepping forward to take Jennifer's hand. "No, don't – I wasn't sure -." She stops, takes a breath, smiles. "I guess this is kind of a weird first date, but it's supposed to be a date. If you want it to be."

"Yeah," Jennifer says, relieved. She squeezes Amelia's hand, then ducks in to kiss her, very quickly, on the lips. "I want it to be."

Amelia grins. "Come on then," she says, and tugs Jennifer inside.

The store reminds Jennifer a bit of quirky jewelry stores, lots of wooden cabinets and space, except that these are full of dildos and handcuffs and more varieties of lube than Jennifer thought existed. The woman behind the counter gives them a friendly nod of greeting, but most of the other people in the store – mostly women, more than one couple – ignore them. It's been a while since Jennifer walked into any room and got ignored; she likes it.

"What are we shopping for?" she asks, somewhat belatedly.

Amelia shrugs. "Something fun. Ronon's a very... traditional lover."

Jennifer can't help the mental picture. She's pretty sure she could help the way she mentally rearranges the two of them, so Amelia's on top, her hair loose over her shoulders, Ronon's hands on her breasts. She just doesn't want to. "Oh," she says.

Amelia laughs. "That's not why we broke up. Well, not only why."

Jennifer rests her head on Amelia's shoulder and looks down at a case of glass dildos. "Rodney kept offering to go down on me, except he never shut up long enough to do it."

"That's – no offense, but that's kind of sad," Amelia says, amused. She puts her arm round Jennifer, holds her there. "I know how to shut up."

Jennifer's face heats immediately, and Amelia laughs again. She's got a really nice laugh, warm and bright, and Jennifer hopes that shutting up doesn't include not laughing. "I'm not very traditional," she offers.

In the end, they split up to make their purchases, to surprise each other with. Jennifer's feels like her's is burning a hole in her shoulder bag, all the time that they browse in other shops, all through dinner, all the way back to Atlantis on the last shuttle going back that evening. All the way through the corridors, where she feels like she's wearing a sign that says We're on a date, we're going back to my room to have kinky sex. Of course, since her boyfriend chose Earth over her and neither of them are military, it kind of doesn't matter if everyone *can* tell.

She takes Amelia's hand, and Amelia smiles, obviously pleased.

"So," Amelia says expectantly, when they're sitting opposite each other on Jennifer's bed, opposite knees drawn up and touching. "You want to go first?"

Jennifer opens the fastener on her bag. "How about at the same time?"

"Yeah, okay," Amelia says, and grabs her bag from the floor.

Amelia's bag contains a smooth purple massager, body paint, oils, a long, black feather. Sensual, tactile toys.

Jennifer's contains a low-riding purple harness and a pearlescent white dildo.

"Hmm," Amelia says, stroking one finger down the curve of the dildo. "You want to wear it?"

"Yeah," Jennifer says, fighting not to blush. She thinks about Amelia saying that Ronon was very traditional as a lover, and wonders if she's giving the wrong impression. "I thought you might – that you could be on top. If you want."

Amelia strokes the head of the toy again, and Jennifer swallows against the moan rising in her throat. They haven't even kissed yet, not really.

Before Jennifer can say anything, Amelia nods decisively and stands up. She holds a hand out until Jennifer takes it and lets herself be pulled to her feet. "Take your clothes off," Amelia says firmly. "I'll help you put it on."

"Um," Jennifer says. They're still holding hands, and she doesn't want to let go. She tugs a little instead, pulling Amelia close enough to kiss. Which she does, sliding her free hand round the back of Amelia's neck, where there are wisps of hair coming loose from her bun. Amelia melts into the kiss, and maybe Jennifer can see why they didn't do this earlier. She really doesn't want to stop.

Amelia's mouth trails away from Jennifer's, kissing along her jaw and down her neck. "Put the harness on," she murmurs against Jennifer's skin. "I'm gonna – there's peppermint oil, it'll make your skin tingle everywhere. Edible oil. And I'll go down on you after, till you can't remember your name."

Jennifer shudders. "Take your clothes off," she says. She sounds a little high.

Amelia laughs, stepping away. "You distracted me," she says, starting on the top button of her shirt.

Jennifer really wants to watch her undress, but she suspects that if she does, they'll end up fingering each other against her desk or something, and she wants to use the toys they bought, wants the first time to be something... more.

She's always felt sort of undignified getting into a harness – it's hard to make balancing on one foot look sexy – but she can feel Amelia watching her as she leans back on the bed, and that helps. It helps even more when she turns around, the leather straps riding low on her hips, the dildo jutting firmly out in front of her, and Amelia's lying naked on the bed. She's pulled her hair loose, and it spreads across the pillow under her head, the soft lamp on the night-stand casting her body into shadows that just make her look better – mysterious and sexy.

"Wow," Amelia says quietly. "That's – you really know how to work that thing."

"I took a class," Jennifer admits.

Amelia laughs. "I meant – I didn't mean like that, but – a class?"

"I'm a hands-on learner," Jennifer says. "I didn't want to get it wrong."

"Did you practice using it, or just wearing it?" Amelia asks. She sounds genuinely curious, not impatient for them to get to the sex.

"The girl I was seeing came with me. It was a couples thing."

Amelia's eyes go unfocused for a moment. Then she blinks, and reaches out, grabbing Jennifer round her waist and pulling her down onto the bed. The dildo pokes at Amelia's thigh, drags against her skin as Jennifer catches her balance. "Forget the oils – forget the – can you -" Amelia reaches down and grabs the shaft of the dildo, pulling Jennifer into position with it. "Okay? Can you just -"

Jennifer absolutely can. She adds her hand to Amelia's on her dildo, easing it into her until the harness is pressed against her. "Okay?" she asks.

Amelia nods. "Yeah." She catches Jennifer's shoulder and pulls her down into a kiss, her tongue sliding against Jennifer's, close and hot, and when Jennifer's hips twitch, she moans into Jennifer's mouth.

The first few thrusts are awkward, both of them shifting to try to make it really good, until Amelia drops her head back. "Mm, right there," she says, and Jennifer rocks into her again, holding the angle, fucking her. It feels even better than she was expecting – than she remembered – strong and in control, giddy with the way Amelia sighs and moans and pushes back into it. The base of the dildo presses against her pubic bone with every thrust in, the leather straps tight between her legs, and she has Amelia under her, her hands on Amelia's skin, Amelia's voice surrounding her, and she knows she's going to come, just like this.

Amelia moans, clutches Jennifer's arms. "Don't stop," she says, breathless. "Don't stop, please, I'm so close, don't – Oh God, oh." Her grip on Jennifer tightens to the point of pain, and she shudders, gasping. Jennifer pushes into her again, imagines she can feel Amelia pulsing around her cock, and lets her own orgasm sweep over her.

They collapse together, sweaty and breathless, Amelia's arms around Jennifer, Jennifer still inside her. "That was really hot," Amelia says after a while, pressing a sleepy kiss to Jennifer's shoulder.

"Not too traditional?" Jennifer asks slyly.

"If that's traditional, bring on the eighteenth century," Amelia says. She kisses Jennifer again, higher up her neck. "It's really that good for you?"

"Yeah," Jennifer says quietly, feeling suddenly shy. She's never slipped and called the dildo her cock out loud, but she's slept with a couple of girls – and one guy – who picked up on it anyway, asked her a lot of questions that she didn't have answers to. This is what she's comfortable with, right now.

"For me too," Amelia says. She shifts her hips a little and sighs. "Again, right?"

Jennifer rocks into her, slow and easy, in response, and Amelia sighs again, her eyes sliding closed. "Oils later," she says dreamily. "And the feather, I'm gonna – I never took a class, but I read a book." She trails one finger down Jennifer's spine, so light Jennifer hardly feels it but shivers anyway.

"Must have been a good book," she says.

"It was," Amelia agrees. She reaches between them, strokes the base of Jennifer's cock. "Can I suck it later?" she asks.

Jennifer's hips stutter in surprise. "Yeah," she says, too loud and shocked to her own ears. "Yes. I'd – like that."

Amelia opens her eyes and gives Jennifer a wide, sweet smile, her eyes understanding. "Me too," she says.


In the mess hall for breakfast the next day, Jennifer and Amelia end up sitting with Teyla, who politely doesn't say anything about the way they keep touching, leaning into each other. Sheppard, who joins them after a few minutes, doesn't seem to believe in polite.

Instead, he looks between the two of them, then to Teyla. "I thought all the break-ups were supposed to mean no more lovey-dovey stuff at breakfast," he says, fake disgruntled.

"Jealous, sir?" Amelia teases. "Because I can always set you up with my ex, if it'd make you feel better."

Sheppard chokes on his coffee, but he doesn't say no, and Jennifer smiles, reaching for Amelia's hand under the table, feeling warm and content, happy.

Sequel: One Black Feather

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