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Five failed rescue missions

Fandom: SG1, SGA

Category/Rated: Gen/PG13

Year/Length: 2010/688 words

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Warning: character deaths

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It's funny in retrospect, because Lorne's team are sneaking away from the stargate in the dark and John's team are sneaking towards it, and because both teams have really very good hearing, they both hear the other coming. And because it's a rescue mission (for Lorne's team) and a daring escape (for John's), neither one calls out to see if in fact the people they're about to leap on are friendly.

Fortunately, Ronon only stuns Sergeant Henderson, and Teyla ducks more than fast enough to avoid a bullet in the head. Lorne still apologizes every time he sees one of John's team for a week, until John offers him all the paperwork for a month to make up for it, at which point he becomes a lot less sorry.


They're doing well – Jackson, Teal'c and Vala have taken SG-22 one way, and Cam and Sam have taken SG-25 the other, and it doesn't seem like either team is being followed. Sam's on point, navigating with a handheld that really isn't designed as a navigation tool, and Cam's bringing up the rear, trying to help by navigating from unfamiliar stars. They can't see the stargate, but they're all pretty sure they're going in the right direction.

Right up until they run head first into the guys they're trying to escape from, who, since they're not navigating with no idea where they are, have circled round in front of them. Vala never lets them hear the end of how half the team and fifty per cent of the people they were rescuing end up having to rescue the rescuers.


Thanks to Todd, Atlantis sometimes knows where the Wraith are headed, and then John's team heads out to warn the people of that world and get them to safety, if that's what they want. Which they usually do, and so while it's not as good as stopping the Wraith altogether, it's a good enough middle step.

The problem is, sometimes Todd's intel is a bit out of date. Sometimes, they step through the gate, and the planet is abandoned, not even the buildings left standing. John hates those times, and part of the reason he hates them is that, after one mission where they found nothing left but four children too terrified to move, he's grateful that there's no-one left to rescue.


Cam limps into the infirmary claiming a pain in his hip, hoping to leverage the way people still fuss over his injuries from the crash in Antarctica, but Carolyn's too smart to fall for that. Sam invites her to the mess for cake and coffee, then gets called away before they make it to the end of the corridor. Daniel lectures her for ten minutes about his latest discovery, before she has a security officer gently escort her out. For a while, it seems like Teal'c's visit to discuss an apparent new outbreak of a virus amongst the Jaffa seems like it will work, before Carolyn figures out it's no more real than Cam's pain in his hip.

"We did the best we could," Cam says morosely, spying on Vala, dressed in Earth normal clothes and carrying flowers, as she makes her way down the corridor to the infirmary.

Apparently, they needn't have bothered, judging by the stunned, pleased smile on Lam's face as she follows Vala out ten minutes later, carrying the flowers.


They're maybe ten minutes from the darkness they need to infiltrate the compound when it explodes. There was absolutely no intel to suggest that might happen, no warning, and Parrish jerks like he means to run towards the burning building, before Henderson grabs the back of his jacket and hauls him down.

"They're still in there," he says.

"Nothing we can do now, Doc," Reed says, sounding sick.

They sit in their cover and watch the building burn, taking four of their colleagues with it, and no-one mentions that Lorne's got tears running down his face. Same way they don't, when they make the report, say "Cadman's team," like they usually would.

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