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Breaking and Entering and Bubble Bath

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Category/Rated: Slash, M

Year/Length: 2010/~1004 words

Pairing: Vega/Keller

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Summary: Jennifer gets bubble bath in a care package from home, and she and Alicia take advantage of Rodney being off-world to use it

Series: set in the same universe as Summer Days

Author's Notes: written for the washing/cleaning square on my kink_bingo card

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


"I can't believe I let you talk me into this," Alicia said, checking the corridor in both directions before she hooked the gadget into the locking mechanism.

"I can't believe you know how to break into someone's room," Jennifer countered. Leaning against the wall, her hair pulled back in a sloppy bun, a towel slung over her shoulder, she didn't exactly look the picture of innocence.

Of course, that was one of the things Alicia liked about her.

"Military officer, we do have some skills," she said, instead of telling Jennifer that half of them had been taught after the hive ship incident. The door beeped obligingly, and she caught Jennifer's arm, pushed her inside. "Door on the left."

"I know," Jennifer said, twisting so she went through the doorway first, while Alicia tried not to notice anything about the room, like whether McKay had left underwear lying around, or, worse, someone else had.

"There's no way that bathtub is big enough for both of us," she said, following Jennifer into the bathroom. Not that it wasn't nice, in an Ancient and strange kind of way - honestly, who made triangular bathtubs - but it was definitely a one person deal.

Jennifer tossed the towel by the side of the tub, then bent down to start on her boots. "Sure it is. We'll just have to get close." She looked up at Alicia from under her eye-lashes, and Alicia didn't know when Jennifer had figured out how much she liked that, but Jennifer definitely had. "Could you start the water running, please?"

As evidenced by the way she did as she was told, even pausing to run some of Jennifer's pink bubble bath under the water.

Climbing in and arranging themselves was not a graceful affair, between Alicia's knee in the small of Jennifer's back, and Jennifer's elbow in Alicia's side, but they made it without flooding the room. And, leaning back against the wall, Jennifer pressed close between her legs, the water warm and smelling of strawberries, Alicia would admit, grudgingly, that this wasn't a completely terrible idea.

"You realize McKay will kill us if he finds us in here, right?" she said anyway.

Jennifer leaned her head back on Alicia's shoulder and giggled. "I don't think his first reaction to finding two women naked in his bathtub will be murder."

"Mine might be, in that case." At least he was off-world for the next couple of days, which meant there wasn't a very high chance that he *would* find them. Explaining to Sheppard and Lorne why she'd killed the head scientist would be awkward.

Jennifer didn't say anything, just made a little contented noise. When Alicia ducked her head to check, she had her eyes closed and was smiling, looking completely content. Alicia hugged her closer with one arm, used her other hand to scoop up a few bubbles and dot them onto Jennifer's nose. She wrinkled it immediately, making a face, but didn't brush them off. "Much better," Alicia said quietly.

"I already washed," Jennifer said.

"Good, since McKay doesn't have a sponge in here, and we forgot to bring one."

"I thought military officers were always prepared for anything."

"Sorry, that's boy scouts."

"Oh," Jennifer said. "Oh well."

"We could get up to other things in a bath..." Alicia suggested, circling Jennifer's left nipple with her fingertip.

"It's not our bath," Jennifer said, sounding oddly scandalized considering she'd been the one to suggest they break in in the first place.

"And we're already naked in it," Alicia pointed out. She ran her hand up Jennifer's arm instead, scooping bubbles with her as she drew her hand out of the water, and smoothing them over Jennifer's shoulder.

"What are you doing?" Jennifer asked. She sounded suspicious, but since she didn't open her eyes, Alicia figured it was probably mostly for show.

"Washing you," Alicia said. "Improvising, since we don't have the right equipment."

"See? Prepared for anything," Jennifer said, relaxing even further back into Alicia's body.

She stayed there, barely moving other than to shift to accommodate Alicia's hands, as Alicia stroked her hands through the water, over Jennifer's legs, up her arms, across her shoulders and her stomach. Alicia couldn't tell if the faint pink blush on her face was from the hot water or arousal - she kind of hoped both, since the feel of Jennifer's water-slick skin under her palms was definitely doing it for her.

Jennifer sighed when Alicia slid one hand up her stomach and cupped her breast, drawing a slow circle over her nipple, feeling it peak. "Stop," she said quietly.

Alicia stilled her hand but didn't take it away. "You sure?"

Jennifer opened her eyes, tilting her head so Alicia could read the regret in her expression. "I'm sure," she said. "It wouldn't be right."

Alicia was pretty sure they'd crossed the line into not-right somewhere around breaking into McKay's room, but that didn't seem the moment to argue. She wrapped both arms around Jennifer's waist instead, hugging her. Jennifer slid her hands along Alicia's arms, wrapped her hands around her elbows, kissed her shoulder. "We can have sex later," she said. "In my shower if you want."

"Too much effort," Alicia said. "And someone always slips at a crucial moment."

"In bed then. Be boring and conventional."

Alicia smiled, dipping her head to kiss Jennifer, just where her neck curved into her shoulder. "Conventional's okay occasionally."

"Mm," Jennifer said. Alicia thought for a moment that she was falling asleep, until she said, more strongly, "This is nice, right?"

"Yeah," Alicia said, telling the truth. Even for the awkwardness, even for the risk, even for not being able to have sex, it was. Relaxing, kind of.

"Told you so," Jennifer said smugly.

Alicia didn't feel any compunction about pushing her under the water for that.

As it turned out, romantic moments were somewhat ruined by ending with having to mop two inches of water from someone else's floor.

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