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Timestamp:Almost, But Not Quite

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Slash, PG

Year/Length: 2010/~779 words

Pairing: Lorne/alternate!Mitchell, possible Sheppard/Mitchell

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Summary: Six months after

Series: Almost, But Not Quite

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


The first person Evan sees when he steps into Atlantis is Colonel Sheppard. Which isn't that unusual, except that the person stepping through the wormhole behind him is also Colonel Sheppard.

Mitchell, halfway across the gate room to meet them, comes to a slightly skidding halt and says, "Ah," looking awkward.

"Ah?" Mitchell's Sheppard echoes, turning to him, amused and annoyed, same way Evan's seen his own Sheppard look at McKay sometimes. "Big diplomatic leader of the city, and that's what you've got to say?"

Mitchell shrugs, looking like he's about to start laughing. "What do you want from me? He's not supposed to be here. Come to that, you're not supposed to be here."

"I could leave," Mitchell's Sheppard offers. He looks more relaxed than Evan's ever seen his own Sheppard look, and that's kind of hard to realize, because he's always thought that Sheppard's okay in the city, that he knows he can rely on his team and Woolsey and Evan but... maybe not so much.

"No, I don't think so," Mitchell says with an evil smile that Evan absolutely doesn't think is hot. "You have some freakish ability to avoid running into your doubles all the time, you can suffer through it for once."

"I could go," Sheppard says. Everyone turns to look at him then, and he gives them an awkward wave. "Hi. I guess I don't need to introduce myself."

The other Sheppard rolls his eyes, looks at Mitchell like he's seeking permission, then wanders out of the gate room. Mitchell watches him leaving, then shakes his head. "Ignore him. Welcome to Atlantis. Well, this Atlantis."

Sheppard keeps looking in the direction the other Sheppard went, kind of awkward, and Evan can't exactly blame him – he doesn't have the best history with meeting his doubles, unlike Evan, who never has and would happily keep it that way. He shakes Mitchell's hand willingly though. "Sorry about the change. We've got the IOA in residence, getting out of the city is a bit more difficult right now."

"I gathered," Mitchell says. They scheduled this trip after Evan brought Woolsey with him on his second visit to the other universe, on purpose this time. Sheppard was supposed to be with them then, but he got food poisoning instead.

"Also, we didn't exactly tell them we were coming here," Sheppard adds, and Evan blinks, instead of staring like he wants to, because Sheppard doesn't tell strangers things, even impersonal things like that, and here he is, talking to Mitchell like he's a friend, like Sheppard knows him.

Or a version of him, at least, and, oh God, that is absolutely not where Evan wants his mind to go.

"Well, their loss is our gain," Mitchell says easily. "We're a bit behind, we've had a couple of crises to deal with. I was hoping we could push the meeting back to this afternoon?" He looks at Evan as he says it, then back to Sheppard at the last moment, just as Sheppard's turning to look at Evan.

"Sure," Sheppard says, a little doubtful. Evan's really starting to suspect he might regret this trip.

"Great," Mitchell says with a grin. "I thought I might borrow Lorne here, if you don't object, ask a couple of questions about that mission he flew for us, but we might interest you in a jumper ride? Zelenka's team's been working on tweaking all manner of things, our Sheppard got pretty excited."

Evan can feel Sheppard looking at him, and keeps his eyes firmly fixed on the bottom step up to the control balcony.

"Always happy to loan Lorne out," Sheppard says finally, a world of innuendo in his voice. "Especially for a jumper ride."

"Great," Mitchell says, sounding kind of choked. He touches his earpiece. "Sheppard, if you're finished throwing your little fit, you want to take the souped up jumper out?" He waits. "Great, I thought so. I'm gonna send you a co-pilot."

Evan can hear Sheppard sputtering for a moment, before Mitchell taps his earpiece off, the evil grin back. "Colonel? I assume that meets with your approval?"

In what might be a totally unique moment, Sheppard visibly bites back the urge to say something smart in response, and just nods. "Jumper bay where it should be?" he asks, heading off as soon as Evan nods.

"That was cruel," Evan says when he's out of earshot.

Mitchell shrugs. "They deserve each other. In every possible way." He tips his head to the opposite corridor. "Come on. We've probably only got an hour before they start trying to kill each other."

Evan falls into step with him. "No time to waste, then."

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