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Summer Days

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Category/Rated: Femslash, NC-17

Year/Length: 2010/~2153 words

Pairing: Keller/Vega

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Summary: Keller and Vega in the woods on a summer day - there's really not a lot of plot to this!

Series: Let It Grow

Author's Notes: This is actually written for vilanny's Sex Is Not The Enemy ficathon, for this picture prompt (NSFW, obviously), but it's an honourary halfamoon fic, since it's about female characters, and we're still in early February :o) It's also future fic for the Keller/Vega season 5 au that I haven't written yet, and set about a year after the end of season 5.

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


"Do you think your father likes me?" Alicia asks.

Jennifer sort of wants to laugh at how genuinely nervous she sounds, but Alicia's only been able to do stuff like this for six months after years of hiding, and that probably licenses her a little paranoia.

Plus, it gives Jennifer a reason to take her hand, bump her hip against Alicia's. "I think my father likes that I've finally brought someone home."

Alicia laughs. "Wow, way to make me feel special."

"I didn't mean it like that," Jennifer protests, feeling herself flushing, but Alicia laughs again before she can start babbling in denial, leans in to kiss Jennifer's cheek. It's nice – all of this is nice, a week away from Atlantis to introduce her girlfriend to her father, finally, after nearly two years together. Walking hand in hand in the sun with no-one looking at them, no chance of an urgent call for medical attention or a marine. "I'm glad you're here," she says.

Alicia squeezes her hand. "I'm glad I'm here too," she says. "Your father's nice."

"Yeah." They walk a little in easy silence, the field sloping down into the trees. "Your family next, I guess."

"Yeah, maybe not," Alicia says, then, when Jennifer looks at her, "Maybe not all at once. Two sisters, two brothers, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews, my parents..."

"Yeah, okay, maybe not all at once," Jennifer agrees, kind of alarmed at just the thought. "But some of them, one day?"

"Some of them soon," Alicia agrees. "Which way now?"

"This way," Jennifer says, tugging her hand gently to lead her into the slight shade of the trees. "I want to show you –"

She's cut off by Alicia pushing her up against a tree, holding her there and kissing her, lush and warm, her mouth still tasting faintly of the strawberries they had with lunch.

"Stop," she says, weak protest at best. It doesn't help that, when she turns her head, Alicia kisses under her ear. "My father's going to see."

"Only if he's watching us with binoculars," Alicia argues. "And x-ray glasses or something."

"He might come looking for us," Jennifer says. She's aware that she isn't helping her own argument by sliding her thumb under Alicia's t-shirt, stroking the smooth skin at the base of her spine.

"He won't," Alicia says, kissing her again, and really, Jennifer's only got so much will-power. She leans into it, opens her mouth against Alicia's, and Alicia makes a small, happy sound, the one that always makes Jennifer want to giggle, pleased that she's making Alicia happy with something this easy.

She registers Alicia's hands sliding under her shirt as a vague thing, distant against their kisses, her own hands on Alicia's skin, and it's only when Alicia runs her fingers over the lace edge of Jennifer's bra, then slides them inside, that Jennifer pulls back again. "Not here," she says.

Alicia groans, tipping her head against Jennifer's shoulder. "I get not in your dad's house, I do. Really. But... No-one's going to see us here."

Jennifer doesn't say anything. Alicia's still touching her, Jennifer's skin hot under her fingers, and she doesn't want to say no. They haven't had sex since before they left Atlantis.

"You look different here," Alicia says softly, stroking her fingers over the slightly more innocuous skin of Jennifer's shoulder. "You're... I don't know. More relaxed. And the sun's good for you."

Jennifer feels herself flushing. "Are you trying to seduce me?" she asks, laughing a little.

"Maybe," Alicia says, grinning. "Is it working?"

Jennifer kisses her, quick, sweet press of their lips together. "Maybe," she echoes. "But not here, we're too close to the house." She slides out from Alicia's hands, tugs her shirt straight, and starts down the path. "Come on."

"You're a tease, you know that?" Alicia says resignedly, lagging behind Jennifer.

"Yes," Jennifer says brightly. "Except that you started it."

"I was fully prepared to finish it," Alicia objects, still behind Jennifer.

"Are you walking behind me so you can look at my ass?" Jennifer asks, stopping and half-turning. Alicia's hair is mussed, her mouth a little red, and she's the most beautiful woman Jennifer's ever seen. She still can't believe, some days, that a hot, smart, funny, brave marine is in love with her.

"Partly," Alicia says, grinning.

"Only partly?" Jennifer asks.

"And partly so I can do this," Alicia says, and grabs her round the waist, spinning them both round and catching Jennifer's mouth in a messy kiss. Jennifer laughs, can't help it, and Alicia says, "Here, okay? Here's okay?"

Her hands are on the buttons of Jennifer's shirt, awkward for how close they are together, and Jennifer's brain is too caught up on how they're going to have sex now to think of a coherent answer to the question. "Here's good," she's says. "Here's great. Perfection."

Alicia giggles against her skin, bright and happy. "Good," she says. "Good."

Jennifer's never had sex outside – she's really not all that adventurous when it comes to sex, maybe because she really hadn't had all that much of it until Alicia – but it's easy to forget where they are once she's got Alicia topless in her arms, even with the light breeze in the trees. It could be a summer day on Atlantis, Alicia's skin warm under her hands, her nipples hardening under Jennifer's thumbs. She doesn't remember kicking her flip-flops off, but the grass is warm under her feet.

"Mm, yeah," Alicia says. "Take your pants off."

"Really?" Jennifer asks. Her vague ideas of outdoor sex don't exactly come with total nudity.

"You're half-naked already," Alicia says, running her hand down Jennifer's bare back. "Might as well go all the way."

"I thought that's what we were doing," Jennifer teases. She applies her left hand to the buttons of Alicia's jeans instead of her own, pushing them down. Alicia steps back to kick out of them, and then she's just standing there, wearing pink panties that still surprise Jennifer, and Jennifer wants to go on her knees, eat Alicia out until she's moaning, coming so hard she can't even stand up.

She wonders if Alicia brought anything with her to Earth – they've got two nights in a hotel before they go back, and Jennifer wants to sprawl across a double bed while Alicia fucks her with their favorite strap-on.

"You too," Alicia says. "Unless you want to stand there and daydream, and I'll just take care of myself." She slides two fingers between her legs, rubs over her panties.

Jennifer's fingers shake a little on the zipper of her khakis, and she's wet and aching.

Alicia gives a little appreciative nod when Jennifer steps out of her own pants, the way she sometimes does when one of the marines does something she approves of. It's always been absurdly hot, but Jennifer's warm and free and feeling a little loopy, mostly naked in the woods, so when she grabs at Alicia, presses them close, she goes for Alicia's side, right where she's most ticklish.

Alicia shrieks with laughter, clutching at Jennifer and pulling her in. Jennifer ducks her head at the last moment, her mouth on Alicia's breast, sucking gently at tender skin, still tickling, and Alicia makes a noise that's a cross between a laugh and a moan.

Then she shifts, gets one leg between Jennifer's, and Jennifer makes her own noise, though hers is definitely more moan than laugh.

"Yeah," Alicia says. The outside curve of her breast is pressed against the inside of Jennifer's arm, her thigh warm and strong between Jennifer's. Tickling's the last thing on Jennifer's mind now. "Come on," Alicia adds, one hand on Jennifer's ass, encouraging her to move against Alicia.

Jennifer does, rocking into her, sweet friction that makes her sigh, which makes Alicia's breath catch. She wraps one hand round Jennifer's wrist, draws her hand to the base of Alicia's abdomen, and Jennifer gets the hint, slides her hand into Alicia's underwear, over neat curls to press against her. "Oh yes," Alicia says, low and aroused.

Jennifer sucks harder at the skin under her mouth, Alicia matching Jennifer's rhythm on her fingers, sun-warmed skin against skin, as close as they can get, and Jennifer closes her eyes against the brightness, the brilliance of the sun and the moment, losing herself in the way they move together, easy building pleasure.

It surprised her, the first time they slept together, how noisy Alicia was. It's no surprise now, just one more thing that turns Jennifer on, the way Alicia goes from heavy breathing to moaning, to the high, sharp wordless vowels that mean she's close. After two years, they're more than in tune enough for this, and when Alicia freezes, hand tight on Jennifer's wrist, Jennifer rocks into her faster for a moment, her own orgasm bursting up her spine and down her nerves, right into her fingers and her toes, until she's leaning on Alicia as much as Alicia is on her, both of them gasping for breath.

It's kind of inevitable that they'll lose their fight with gravity, and they do, in a slow motion tumble to the thankfully soft ground. They wind up curled together, Jennifer mostly on the bottom, Alicia's head against her shoulder, her hands on Alicia's bare back.

"That was nice," Alicia says contentedly.

"I can't believe you got me naked out here and got me off," Jennifer says, but it's a half-hearted protest at best. She feels too good to make a fuss over it.

"Yeah, cos it wasn't you with the tickling and the sucking, or with her fingers in me," Alicia says. Jennifer feels her smile against Jennifer's shoulder. "I was going to offer a repeat performance," she adds idly. "But if it really bothers you..."

"It doesn't bother me," Jennifer says quickly. Unlike Alicia, who loves to be held but hates to be touched with any kind of sexual intent after she's come, Jennifer never feels quite settled after her first orgasm, a source of disagreement with more than one of the small number of people she slept with in college.

"Are you sure?" Alicia asks, lifting her head so she can rest her chin on Jennifer's shoulder, a small point of soreness rather than pain. "Because I wouldn't want you to feel like you were doing something –"

"If you don't," Jennifer says, best sweet and innocent she can manage, looking right into Alicia's eyes, "I will go into town tomorrow, brave the skeevy men in our one and only sex shop, and buy a vibrator that would make your eyes pop. And use it in front of you, and force you to watch without touching."

"Kinky," Alicia says, laughing. She touches Jennifer's cheek lightly. "That'd work so much better if you didn't blush."

"Tell me about it," Jennifer says resignedly.

Alicia kisses her. "That's okay. I think it's cute."

"Not 'so hot I want to jump you right now'?" Jennifer asks.

"Not quite," Alicia says. "I wanted to jump you anyway." She sits back on her heels, and Jennifer's about to protest, except it's only a precursor to her moving back slightly, and that's only a precursor to her nudging Jennifer's legs open, pushing her panties aside, and going down on Jennifer.

"Christ," Jennifer says sharply, digging her fingers into the grass and through to the soil below.

Alicia presses harder, tip of her tongue slipping into Jennifer, who moans. It sounds loud in the quiet, but she doesn't care. All she cares about is Alicia's mouth on her, how good it feels, how much she wants it to last. Except that's not going to happen, not with Alicia's teeth grazing her clit, Alicia's hands on her legs, holding her in place, Alicia lapping at her like, like –

"Oh God, oh God," Jennifer says, and arches her back and comes again, shattering.

She comes back to herself wrapped in Alicia's arms, Alicia petting her back and kissing her cheek, her nose, absent, close-mouthed kisses. She feels warm and boneless, and happier than she can remember being in ages.

"Hi," she says softly, turning a little to catch the next kiss on her mouth, easy and slow.

"Hi," Alicia says against her mouth. "Good?"

"Perfect," Jennifer says, closing her eyes and listening to Alicia's heart. "You?"

"Good," Alicia echoes.

Jennifer drifts for a while, finally pulls herself together to say, "We should get dressed."

Alicia holds Jennifer's head to her shoulder. "In a minute. Not yet."

"'Kay," Jennifer says, still drowsy.

It's fairly predictable, really, that they'll wake up with sunburn in places sunburn should never be. Wincing and fidgeting at the dinner table that night, her father looking at her like she's lost her mind, Jennifer really can't bring herself to care.

Even less so when Alicia reaches for her hand under the table, squeezes it and smiles.

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