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mature ladies' travel agency

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Slash, AU, PG

Year/Length: 2009/ ~1006 words

Pairing: Cam/Ronon

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Author's Notes: Christmas ficlet for spillingvelvet, I don't know why they're British and in the UK in this. Or maybe American and in the UK – I can't really imagine them with British accents, though you may be able to, I guess

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


Cam's up to his eyeballs in last-minute bookings for Christmas and new year breaks when the travel agency front door opens, bringing in another blast of icy air, though thankfully still no snow. He hates snow, everyone panics and then tries to pretend like 'no refunds if cancelled due to weather' doesn't include snow.

"Yes, ma'am, Bath certainly is beautiful this time of year," he agrees, looking up, expecting to see a harried customer. Instead, he finds himself face to face with Ronon, dressed in jeans and his dark brown wool coat, wearing his glasses and leaning on Vala's currently vacant desk. He smiles when he catches Cam's eye, and Cam's heart trips over itself, same way it always does, even after two months of knowing him, and knowing he's dating Evan Lorne, John's assistant concierge at the Radisson.

"Yes, ma'am," Cam says blankly into the pause in the conversation, then, when his brain catches up, "New Year's Eve party tickets at the Baths are included, but not drinks."

Mrs. Batcombe keeps him on the phone for another five minutes, going over everything Cam sent her when she booked her trip, and Ronon stays leaning against the desk, sipping a paper cup of coffee from the machine in the corner, and flipping through a brochure for Highland spring breaks, which he puts down as soon as Cam hangs up. "Hey."

"Hey," Cam says back, turning the answer machine on even though he knows hell regret it later. "Here to book a holiday?"

"Any cancellations for Lapland?" Ronon asks, same as every time.

"Nope." Cam digs through his desk and pulls out a flyer. "But you could feed the reindeer at the Zoo next weekend."

Ronon actually reads it, then tucks it in his pocket. "You can come with me."

"Okay," Cam agrees. This is pretty much par for the course ever since they bumped into each other at the hotel – Ronon delivering his cakes, Cam waiting to meet John for coffee – and Ronon started dropping by Cam's travel agency. Ronon doesn't so much make him do stuff as tell him to go. Not that Cam's complaining, particularly since he always goes.

"Hotel Christmas party's tomorrow," Ronon adds, looking at Cam expectantly. One dark curl falls over his glasses and Cam's brain sticks on fuck, he's hot. "You coming?"

"What?" Cam asks stupidly. "Oh. Yes. Standing invite from John." Vala thinks it's weird that he goes to his ex's work Christmas party, but he and John were friends before they were together, and they've always been better at that, slid easily back into it. "You?" he asks, knowing the answer.

Ronon shrugs. "Evan asked, I was waiting to see if you were. He said midnight?"

"Sounds good," Cam agrees, and swallows down It's a date.


The hotel party is a strange experience: held in the windowless staff canteen, pizza instead of Christmas dinner because the chef's refuse to either cater their own party or let anyone else in their kitchen, and half the staff in uniform because they're on the overnight shift. Cam kind of likes it for its quirkiness, and also because everyone gets very drunk, very quickly, then tries to dance. Since he'll be going straight back to work from the party in the morning, he's sober enough to find it pretty entertaining, even more so when Ronon pulls the chair next to him close enough for his arm to press against Cam's.

"Having fun?" Ronon asks.

Cam nods, watching Sam and Teyla, the co-managers, spin each other drunkenly between the tables. "Where's Evan?"

Ronon shrugs. "Off somewhere with John." He watches the dancers for a minute, then drains the last of his glass of wine and stands up. "Come on."

"Where are we going?" Cam asks, abandoning his orange juice and following him towards the doors. "Leaving already?"

"Nope," Ronon says. He detours round a group of porters singing along to the stereo and swaying, and grabs Cam's arm to pull him along. Cam's not expecting it and bumps into Ronon instead, backing up as far as he can when Ronon doesn't let go.

"In here," Ronon says, opening a side door.

Cam has about three seconds to take in boxes of napkins and piles of table cloths before Ronon's pushing him back against the wooden shelves, crowding close and – Cam's brain shuts down for a few seconds as Ronon kisses him, his beard scratchy against Cam's skin, one hand still on Cam's arm. Then he gives himself a mental sap and starts kissing back, tasting red wine and trying not to shiver at the feel of Ronon pressed against him in all the best ways.

And then his brain really starts up again, and he leans back and says, "Evan."

Ronon blinks his eyes open, and Cam has to try really hard not to fall back into kissing him. "What?"

"Evan. Your boyfriend."

"What?" Ronon asks again. He leans away from Cam a little. "He's not my boyfriend. Where'd you hear that?"

"I saw you together. Couple days after we met." Just long enough for the attraction to have started, so it had been really uncomfortable to see Ronon lean down and kiss Evan's waiting mouth, Evan's arms round his neck.

Ronon looks confused for a moment, then says, "We used to. Broke up right before I got the contract here."

"And you kiss all your ex-boyfriends like that?"

"Nah, just Evan." Ronon catches Cam's disbelieving look and adds, "You buttoned John's jacket for him last week. He lets you hug him. Evan and me are like that. There wasn't even tongue," he adds, grinning.

Cam's not sure Ronon and Evan are actually that much like him and John, who definitely don't kiss any more, but he's willing to admit jealousy might have colored his perception of things a little. And Ronon wouldn't lie about them being broken up.

"So I should feel special, then?" he asks.

"Very," Ronon agrees, and leans in to kiss him again. With tongue.

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