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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Category/Rated: Het, G

Year/Length: 2009/ ~811 words

Pairing: Ford/Keller

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Series: Hold On, Here We Go

Author's Notes: Christmas ficlet for wordsatourbacks


Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


It's Sheppard who catches Aiden in the corridor, eighteen months after they got to Atlantis, and says, "Check your email, we just got some good news in the data-burst."

Good news could be anything from 'extra chocolate rations for everyone' to 'you've been granted a month's leave on Earth, and you don't have to go via the Daedalus,' so Aiden's not quite ready to be too excited by this. Though Sheppard's honest to God smiling, not grinning but smiling, like whatever it is has made him happy.

"What kind of good news?" he asks, trying to figure out what could have made Sheppard happy via the data-burst and also be something he thinks will please Aiden. The first part's easy – Holland's been redeployed out here, they're getting the 305s ahead of schedule, don't ask don't tell just got repealed, Sheppard's been promoted – but while Aiden would obviously be happy for Sheppard in any of those cases, they're none of them good news for him personally.

"The good kind," Sheppard says, still smiling, pushing Aiden lightly in the direction of the junior officers' room. "Go on."

Aiden goes.

There isn't, unfortunately, an email helpfully titled 'good news' in his inbox, but there is one from Jennifer that he really hopes is the good one, despite the lack of subject line. He clicks it open, reads, 'I just got reassigned, they're sending me out to Atlantis to look after Colonel Mitchell's squadron again,' and whoops loudly enough that Major Lorne sticks his head in the office and says, "Captain?"

"Sorry, sir," Aiden apologizes. "Good news from Earth."

"Glad to hear it," Lorne says, grinning, and leaves.


Jennifer's been to Atlantis once before, when Carolyn had to go out to try to figure out an infection that was spreading across the city, and snuck Jennifer with her so she could see Aiden, terrified that he was going to be one of the ones who died of it. She doesn't really remember much about the city from that trip, so when she steps through the gate, she winds up staring in awe at the place, just like everyone else.

"Step aside, please, let the others through," Lorne says, pushing her gently aside. Jennifer goes, not really paying attention, banging her medical case against her knees, half-listening to the pop of other people stepping through the gate.

She can't quite believe she's here, to stay.

Of course, her moment of quiet amazement doesn't last long – she hears footsteps pelting down the gate-room stairs, then she's being caught up in a hug from Captain Zhang, then Lieutenant Somers, both of them grinning. "Finally," Zhang says. "About time we managed to steal you."

Jennifer laughs at them. "I was always willing to be stolen."

"Still took their sweet time about it," Ito says, appearing behind Somers and Zhang and shaking Jennifer's hand.

"Amen to that," Mitchell agrees, appearing amongst the crowd to give her a one-armed hug, followed, to her amazement, by Sheppard, who doesn't even seem awkward about it, like he did when they met. She's surrounded by her guys and girls, the people she patched up and cared for and sat with when they couldn't pretend they were okay any more and spilled their secrets or sobbed on her shoulder, and it feels like coming home.

Except for the one thing that's missing.

"Is Aiden around?" she asks, trying for casual.

Somers and Zhang exchange bright grins. "Ford!" Somers yells, looking up to the control balcony, where Dr Weir is watching them all with amused, tolerant eyes. "Yo, Ford, stop pretending to be important and get down here."

"I thought you were going to treat me with the respect accorded to my rank now I'm senior to you," Aiden's voice calls back, though Jennifer still can't see him.

Somers shrugs. "Maybe when it's been more than a couple of weeks *Captain*."

Zhang says something to her, but Jennifer's not paying attention any more, because Aiden's walking down the stairs, looking right at her, his face lit up and happy. Jennifer feels herself grinning like a crazy person, going bright red in front of the squadron and Dr Weir and Colonel Caldwell and everyone, and she doesn't care.

"Hey," she says.

"Hey," Aiden says back, stopping just close enough that she can feel his body heat. Everything else fades out, except for Zhang saying quietly, "I feel like I've strayed into a romantic comedy."

"Embrace the moment," Somers chides her.

"Embrace the girl," Zhang corrects, and apparently Aiden's listening, because his grin widens even further, and he sweeps Jennifer close, kissing her full on the lips in front of the gate-room and everyone.

Jennifer goes even redder, starts giggling into the kiss, and hides her face against Aiden's shoulder, feels his arms go round her.

"Welcome to Atlantis," he says against her hair.

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