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5 times Teyla and John were interrupted

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Category/Rated: G, Gen

Year/Length: 2009/~434 words

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

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When John made the unwise decision to teach her to play chess in the mess hall one evening. Not that trying to teach her was a bad idea – she picked it up fast – but the venue was. John had kind of forgotten that Atlantis was a city of geeks and marines, who all spent good chunks of their free time playing, and wouldn't skip a chance to impress a beautiful woman and/or their CO.

They finished up the lesson in John's office instead, since no–one thought to look for them there.


When they were breaking out of prison on M3X 651. Well, also on P3D 698, P1H 392 and M5B 184, but those were all Lorne and the rescue team, so John's not counting them. On M3X, it turned out to be a different faction of angry villagers, which ended up with them nearly roasting over an open fire. Fortunately, they were interrupted then as well, by Lorne and the rescue team. Never let it be said John's guys didn't have impeccable timing.


When Rodney was sick with the brain parasite and they were starting to really think he might die. John wasn't sure why, but it seemed like the population of the city were conspiring to keep him, Teyla and Ronon from ever being alone together, or maybe just to keep them distracted. Which he appreciated, in a way, because he didn't want to talk about it, didn't even want to think about it. And yet not, because what he did want was that connection to his team, and it took Jeannie turning up for them to get it again.


When Teyla's shower broke as she was halfway through washing her hair, and John happened to be nearby and know a thing or two about showers, when she called the tech team for assistance. Which would have been okay, except that when they showed up, John had actually figured out how to fix it, and Teyla, in her bathrobe, was standing over John, on his knees, and, really, 'she was holding a spare part' in that context just made the whole thing sound even worse.


When they stood up together at Elizabeth's memorial, and Teyla's voice cracked on what she was trying to say, and John just...didn't have the words for what he wanted to say, thinking of her floating in space somewhere, trapped in a Replicator body. He'd never been so grateful to Caldwell, of all people, for stepping in like he'd always meant to, so they could slide back to their team, feel safe.

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