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Affection Through Knitwear

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Slash, PG

Year/Length: 2008/ ~659 words

Pairing: John/Cam

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Author's Notes: Prompt: the beach, radio, clouds

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.


"Some days, I really hate this planet," John grumbles, pulling his hat further down over his ears. Cam's sure the punishment for laughing at him would be terrible, but it's hard not to – John's hat is green and comes to a point at the top and makes him look a lot like an angry elf, especially with his scarf pulled high round his neck and his shoulders hunched up against the cold.

He looks absurdly cute for a forty year old military commander, but even if Cam's willing to risk laughing at him, he's never going to risk pointing that out. He likes all his extremities where they belong and in one piece.

"You're just going soft from too much time in a climate controlled city," he tells John instead. Not that he's exactly toasty, but they're in Colorado Springs, picking up back presents for when John leaves for Atlantis in a couple of days, not hiking up Everest, and John's definitely dressed more towards the latter than the former.

John waves his comment away, then tucks his hand back into his coat pocket. "S'cold. It's the middle of March, it's Easter, and it's cold. And I hate shopping. I'm cold and I'm shopping. I hate this planet."

"You mentioned that," Cam says. "Here, Sam loves this place. I'll buy you a coffee and you can warm up again."

He holds the door to the coffee shop for John, even though John glares at him for it. He's polite, he can't help it. He's about to follow John in when he spots something on the other side of the street. "Actually, I need to run a quick errand. Go stand in line, I'll be right back."

"This is just a ploy to make me pay for the coffee, right?" John asks, and Cam wishes, just for a second, that they weren't so close to the Mountain, because he's had John ostensibly staying in his spare room and actually staying in his bed for the whole month of John's enforced, post-traumatic-event leave (thanks to Atlantis' new psychologist), and he's gotten comfortable enough to want to kiss him when he sulks. He settles for a pat to his shoulder and a promise to be back before John reaches the front of the long line.

He makes it, just, grinning at John and the server as he hands over his money, which gets him an eye roll from John and a smile from the server, but still works on mollifying John. Or maybe that's the warmth.

"Here," he says when they're settled at a small table in the back of the place, and hands over his purchase.

John's smiling knowingly before he even opens it, the smile turning into a full on grin when he pulls out a pair of thick black gloves. "Just what I need," he says.

Cam shrugs. "Wouldn't want you to lose a finger to frost-bite," he says. "I like your hands."

It's kind of a dorky line, but John actually blushes, a little, which makes it totally worth it.

Six months later, when Cam rocks up on Atlantis with a bunch of people from the SGC, the first time an 'information sharing' event has ever been held there instead of on Earth, he and John escape for one morning to go run around a planet that's seventy percent ice, under the guise of... actually, Cam doesn't know, but he's sure someone came up with a good excuse. Of course, they manage to fall into a ditch within an hour of getting there, and Cam loses his gloves in the scramble out. John hands over one of his silently, not looking at him, and Cam thinks that, okay, they're going to be living in different galaxies till the world ends or their enemies are all defeated, but, actually, this thing they've got going is really pretty good.

Even if he is reduced to expressing affection through knitwear.

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