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Five times Cam trusted a team member when it seemed like a bad idea

Fandom: Stargate SG1

Year/Length: 2009/~680 words

Pairing: Cam/Teal'c

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

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When Vala said, "No, really, I know the people of this world. They won't speak to us with men there." Somehow, sending Vala, Sam and Carolyn off to a planet on which Vala was welcome back seemed like it was asking for trouble. On the other hand, she hadn't gotten them into anything they couldn't get themselves out of in four months, and it wasn't like they didn't know where Vala, Sam and Carolyn would be if they had to.

The three of them came back with a book that sent Jackson into the closest he ever for to paroxysms of joy, a signed agreement to stand together against the Ori, and a story that the slightest hint of made Carolyn break down into giggles.

Cam never did manage to get the story out of them.


When Jackson said, "Of course I've translated it correctly." Not that he didn't say that every day and twice on Sundays, but it didn't usually follow, "The leader of his people says that if you jump from this waterfall, you'll fly safely to the ground and prove you trustworthiness." Which, call Cam crazy, sounded a little too good to be true. Not that that had ever stopped him.

Jackson was very apologetic – apparently there was only a very subtle tonal difference between fall and fly in this language. Cam was just glad that the water and the drop had been enough for him to turn a fall into a dive.


When Teal'c said, "I do not believe they mean us any harm," about a group of spear-wielding natives. Not that Cam didn't trust Teal'c with pretty much everything, up to and including everyone's lives, but angry, spear-wielding natives, in his experience, pretty much always did mean them harm, and having been stabbed in the shoulder by a spear once before, he wasn't eager to repeat the experience. "Many worlds are naturally wary of armed strangers," Teal'c added. "If we lay down our weapons, I am certain they will follow."

He was right, of course, because when was Teal'c ever not right. The natives, it turned out, loved Teal'c, and spent two days teaching him their secret, most sacred fighting techniques.

Cam worked on his tan.


When Sam said, "I'm sure I can get it working." Again, not that Cam didn't have absolute faith in her, but she was talking about a wooden framed plane that looked like it pre-dated the Wright brothers by a century or two, and was the only way, short of walking, that they were getting back to the rest of the team, having been inadvertently zapped halfway across the planet by a transporter that had promptly broken down. "Come on," Sam said, grinning. "What's the worst that could happen?" She stopped, her grin falling away, and said, "God, sorry, I didn't mean to –"

"Just fix the damn thing," Cam said, before she could start apologizing for him crashing in Antarctica all over again.

She was mostly right, and at least the huge cloth wings meant that their unanticipated descent when the engine failed was more of a mostly-controlled glide than a death-defying crash. Grateful for small mercies and all that, and they were even in sight of the gate.


When Teal'c said, "I would like to remain," after team movie night one week, then kissed Cam. It seemed like a really bad idea, what with fraternization rules, and don't ask don't tell, and Teal'c being two or three times Cam's age, and from another planet. Unfortunately for Cam's powers of higher reasoning, it also seemed, with Teal'c's arms around him, and Teal'c's mouth on his, like a fantastically brilliant idea, and Cam had never been very good at choosing the sensible path over the exciting, dangerous one – see: F302s, SG1, and possibly Vala.

Other than Vala catching them in the act when she picked the lock to Cam's apartment a couple of months after Teal'c stayed over and never left, it was easily the best bad idea Cam had ever trusted in.

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