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5 ways Daniel and Jack ended up together

Fandom: Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Slash, PG

Year/Length: 417 words

Pairing: Jack/Daniel

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Author's Notes: All of these have at least one thing that gets expanded a bit in one of the other fics, because I decided I needed a gimmick


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After Sha're died. They don't talk about that time. Not ever. Jack's not even sure whether Daniel got the memory of it back after being descended.


After Daniel got descended, the first time, for three months. Then Daniel remembered that actually they didn't do that, as a general rule, and stopped it, even though they'd both liked it. Daniel said he'd remembered something about Jack that meant they shouldn't carry on, and wouldn't tell Jack what it was. Jack cursed Ancients fucking with Daniel's head until the next morning, when Daniel kept looking at Carter like she was the source of all his troubles. Jack didn't have the energy to explain that one to him.


During the year Sam, Cam and Daniel spent in the wrong timeline, before Ba'al came. Jack never meant to look any of them up, and he sure as hell never meant to look Daniel-your-son-shot-himself-we're-best-friends-Jackson up. It was just that he was curious. Had to know. Always had.

They lasted five months, before the world ended.


When Daniel called Jack and said, "Did you know Colonel Mitchell was gay?" Jack, who had two admirals in his office at the time, said, "I need to call you back," then, fifteen minutes later, very patiently, "Yes, Daniel, I did. I assume he's still gay, if he's decided to tell you." He didn't ask how Daniel had managed not to know, because coming after, "The air force still frowns on inter-team romance, you know," it would have been a little too obvious.

Apparently, Daniel got the hint anyway, since he turned up on Jack's doorstep the next day. They lasted up until Daniel got invited to visit Atlantis for six months and said that it might be for the best if they called it off while he was away. Jack was very proud of himself for not pointing out that Cameron fucking Mitchell had been maintaining an intergalactic relationship for years. He figured Daniel would come round.


When Daniel got back from SG-1's goodbye road trip, on which Jack had not been invited (thank God. He was definitely too old for hours on a motorcycle).

"How long for this time?" Jack asked when Daniel showed up at his door. He was man enough to admit he was still bitter about Atlantis.

"For good," Daniel said, sounding far more sincere than he had any other time.

What the hell – a little hope and faith never hurt anyone. Jack let him in.

Five glimpses members of SG-1 got of Daniel's life before he entered the SG program

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