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Five people Cam came out to after DADT was eliminated

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Slash, PG

Year/Length: 618 words

Pairing: Cam/John

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Author's Notes: All of these have at least one thing that gets expanded a bit in one of the other fics, because I decided I needed a gimmick, Jessie is originally dossier's character, who I hope she won't object to me borrowing

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.



Major Lorne. Not that he exactly needed to, being as how it had been an unacknowledged secret for the better part of five years. Cam still felt like he needed to, if only because acknowledging the unacknowledged meant he could say what he'd been wanting to say for years, which was, "Thanks for not letting him get himself killed. Thanks for looking out for both of us."

Also: "inter-galactic relationships aren't all bad, you know. I know someone who'd be happy to help prove that to you."


His cousin Jessie, because Jessie's a marine, and Cam has strong convictions about not telling anyone who might end up having to lie for him, with a couple of notable exceptions. Jessie looks at him like he's just announced he travels to other planets for a living (Cam's keeping that one for when he really needs to shock people) then says, "I'm sorry, did you think I was actually fooled by that whole, he's a friend from the air force thing? Marines aren't actually as dumb as you flyboys think."

Cam shrugs. "Dumb grunt stereotype has to come from somewhere." Jessie socks him, hard, in the arm for that, but Cam's cousins wouldn't be his cousins without a bit of physical violence mixed in with the affection.


Lieutenant Green. She's young and new to the program, and seems kind of shy, for an air force officer. SGC's full of young officers though, and normally Cam has next to nothing to do with them. Green would be the same, except that Cam overhears her one day in the parking lot, arguing on her cell. She's obviously talking to her partner, something about dinner reservations that she needs to break, and Cam steers round her, giving her some privacy. He still hears her call the other person Andrea.

He starts keeping an eye out for her, saying hello, can't help it. She doesn't say much back, but he notices when, a couple of weeks after the argument, she starts looking really tired. He figures things have to be ending, and a week after that, he spots her in a corner table in the mess, eating jello with her head down. She looks up when he takes the seat opposite her, her eyes red, and gives him a watery smile.

Cam spends dinner pretending not to notice she's a heartbeat from tears, and manages to slip in a couple of references to John. Just so she knows she's safe at the SGC. So she knows she can talk to him, if she wants.


Jackson. That one's a complete accident, because he always figured Jackson knew and just wasn't saying anything. Jackson's complete and obviously real surprise when he figures out *why* Cam wants to go visit John in Atlantis kind of makes Cam worry. Jackson's meant to be the observant one, the one who's good at figuring people out. It's a little disturbing to realize he's known Cam for so long and never seen what Cam always thought was reasonably obvious.

Though it's sort of reassuring to know he probably didn't accidentally out himself to many people over the course of his career.


Major Davies. What can he say? Man's good looking and way too tense for his own good. Nice guy. Needs to relax. And Cam knows someone else who matches three of the four (all of the four on days when John's been kidnapped, again). Also, he has intergalactic happiness, he kind of wants it for other people as well.

And he wouldn't say no to having someone to commiserate with on the days when it really sucks. He's just keeping that part quiet for a while.

Five times John's men were proud to have him as a CO

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