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Five times someone on SG-1 said

"We will never speak of this again"

Fandom: Stargate SG1

Category/Rated: Slash, Gen, PG

Year/Length: 2009/ ~400 words

Pairing: Cam/Daniel

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, for which I should think they're profoundly grateful.

Author's Notes: Originally posted to sg1_five_things

Feedback: Yes please. Even if it's bad. Especially if it's bad.



The time they got Daniel drunk, not long after Vala joined the team, and he proceeded to explain at length about the sexual practices of the Pavarians, who they were set to visit the next week. And then act some of them out. With Cam. Who was stone cold sober.


The time Sam said that she thought, overall, science had probably been of more use to them than archaeology. Not that archaeology hadn't been useful on many occasions, but statistically speaking. Which would have been more or less fine if Daniel hadn't taken it as a challenge and gone through every single mission report to do an accurate comparison. The throwing of files was kind of amusing. The week long silence between the two of them was less so. Jack's still not sure what Teal'c said to resolve it, which is probably for the best. Whatever it was, there's now an agreement: no comparing of team members' responsibilities or roles in saving or nearly destroying the world. It's just easier for everyone involved.


The time the people of P7T 451 decided that Teal'c was their god in human (Goa'uld) form, and took him off to the temple for three hours to properly anoint him. Teal'c, it turned out, did not look good in purple body paint. Especially since it had been used to anoint him with hundreds of small, fluffy bunnies.


The time Vala got into a disagreement with a mall security guard about whether or not she'd been stealing a small gold cat (she hadn't, she'd just wanted to look at it in better light) and Cam came to sort it out. No-one's quite sure how he got mistaken for a wanted drug dealer, but he did. So Sam and Daniel fished out their old fake FBI ID and went down to sort them both out, only to be arrested for impersonating FBI agents. Everyone was grateful that Teal'c was off-world, not least Landry, who had to go downtown at 3am and bail them all out.


The time on M8G 126. Everyone agreed that it was an accident and no-one could have known what would happen. That no-one's to blame, or responsible for it. It doesn't change the fact when SG1 arrived on M8G 126, it had a population of 3 million, and when they left, five hours later, it had a population of zero.

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